Out There

Out There

We love Visionaire, the quarterly fashion publication. Each issue is limited edition and features collaborations with designers and brands as diverse as Kid Robot, Tiffany, and Versace. Cool Hunting scores an interview with creative director Greg Foley.

We don’t expect the folks over at Gizmodo to understand fashion and color, but we sure do. iBook covers in paisley and flowers? Yes, Mary, we’ll take one of each.

Lady Di

Surprise! George Michael gets press by doing something ridiculous. Thats a new one. This time he buys really bad art for a really high price.

People are homeless, dead, and devastated in New Orleans and all some fags want to care about is if their circuit party is still on. Really, now.

A new study finds that us gays are not represented fairly on network television. More reason to support the gay cable channels here!, Logo, and Bravo. Even if all the shows suck.

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