Out There: Star Looks Like Nicole Ritchie


• Without a doubt the most frightening photos we’ve seen all year. [D Listed]

George Michael has been arrested. He was slumped over his SUV’s wheel and in possession of GHB and sex toys. [CNN]

• Mark Kraynak and Steve Wright, the two American strippers that were found dead in a quarry in Montreal, are about to be seen again. In a porn. [Bitchless Blog]

• We’re all about comedy and making fun of ourselves. But this is just stupid. [You Tube]

• A 70-year-old trannie substitute teacher’s job is in jeopardy. We think that is messed up, but we just cannot get over the fact that she transitioned in her late 60s. It’s never too late, huh? [365 Gay]

• We’ve just now come across Zsa Zsa Gabor’s fitness video. Brilliant. [Not That Boy]