Out‘s Daddies Draw Ire

Should gay father’s settle down? Homo-journo Jay over at The Sword surely think so, and launched some barbs at Out magazine for this month’s feature on so-called “Disco Daddies,” men who continue gracing circuit parties and the such after having children.

Writes Stabile:

Shouldn’t everyone, including gays, have to sacrifice and grow up a bit when they become parents? These new dads “want to have it all,” says Jeffrey Parson, gay dad and psychology professor. “They have… adult responsibilities but they also keep their connections to the community, sometimes in the party scene.” We guess that means we’ll be seeing more dads “having it all” while waiting for STD screenings at the clinic, baby bouncing on knee.

Maybe we’re too old school, and we’re not even fans of circuit parties, but one of the pleasures of being gay is that you can still go to Palm Springs with your friends without someone hauling a toddler along.

We’re on the same page with one of the condescending Fire Islanders quoted in the article who says, upon seeing someone’s 10-year-old in the Pines, “Wouldn’t a dog have been easier?”