Out‘s Daddies Draw Ire

Should gay father’s settle down? Homo-journo Jay over at The Sword surely think so, and launched some barbs at Out magazine for this month’s feature on so-called “Disco Daddies,” men who continue gracing circuit parties and the such after having children.

Writes Stabile:

Shouldn’t everyone, including gays, have to sacrifice and grow up a bit when they become parents? These new dads “want to have it all,” says Jeffrey Parson, gay dad and psychology professor. “They have… adult responsibilities but they also keep their connections to the community, sometimes in the party scene.” We guess that means we’ll be seeing more dads “having it all” while waiting for STD screenings at the clinic, baby bouncing on knee.

Maybe we’re too old school, and we’re not even fans of circuit parties, but one of the pleasures of being gay is that you can still go to Palm Springs with your friends without someone hauling a toddler along.

We’re on the same page with one of the condescending Fire Islanders quoted in the article who says, upon seeing someone’s 10-year-old in the Pines, “Wouldn’t a dog have been easier?”


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  • jojo

    Gay or straight – there’s always going to be idiot parents that refuse to grow up.

  • Charley

    Most straight married couples with children party every weekend, get a babysitter and dance till they drop. Why is it wrong for gay men to have a night on the town ? Are we supposed to sit at home with a bible like Huckabee ? Life with Father is a TV 50’s fantasy that never happened in real life. After the kids go to bed, now it’s our turn to cut loose.

  • Charley

    Sex at a circuit party is a different story. I am against it for singles and gays because it is usually combined with Meth which makes people bat shit crazy.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    The article made it clear (I think!) that these guys were responsible parents who let loose every once in a while. They all seemed to have solid healthy relationships with their kids. So what’s wrong with their dipping into “the gay lifestyle” every now and then? Why should they have to give up their gay card?


    Nothing wrong with once a while having fun! As long as they don’t get involved the kids!

  • hisurfer

    Things that didn’t scar me:
    – Finding my dad’s straight porn
    – Talking about opium dreams with grandma (she wanted to be a poet)
    – Re-finding my dad’s porn after he re-hid it.
    – Walking in on my parents(ok, maybe that one scarred me a bit, but it was only temporary)
    – Having lunch with my grandfather’s mistress
    – Having her scratch my back during dessert
    – Finding my dad’s porn after picking the lock on his closet after he hid it again

    Stabile needs to relax. We all survived our straight parent’s indiscretions; I’m sure the kids of the Disco Daddies will tunr out just fine.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    well put & wittily

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