All Forgiven?

Pasadena City College RE-INVITES Dustin Lance Black As Commencement Speaker

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After their original replacement of a certain transphobic, Disney-hating wackjob fell through, Pasadena City College has re-invited Oscar-winner and PCC alum Dustin Lance Black to give their school’s commencement speech.

PCC has endured a few weeks of spectacularly bad press surrounding their decision to disinvite the director and screenwriter due to a years-old controversy over leaked sex pics with an ex-boyfriend, and decided at a special meeting on Wednesday night to re-invite him.

President Mark Rocha read a prepared statement breaking the news, and ate a little crow in the process:

“(Black) has distinguished himself as a film producer and a champion of equal rights and protections for all regardless of sexual orientation. The Board of Trustees and college administration deeply respect Mr. Black, his work and his causes. The Board also sincerely apologizes to Mr. Black for any actions that may have caused hurt.”

Student trustee Simon Fraser, who previously voiced concerns that he was being scapegoated for the entire fiasco, was also at the meeting and seems to be eager to put the whole thing behind him:

“I’m very pleased that the District did the right thing. This can now be a moment of healing and going forward for the college and district.”

The only one that hasn’t yet responded is Black himself, who should probably make his thoughts known soon, as the commencement is scheduled for just one week from today on May 9th.

Looks like we definitely called this one, and we’ll keep our eyes open for Black’s response, as well as whether or not he’ll really stick it to PCC in his speech if he does accept.