Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellan Are Like An Old Married Couple, But Can They Play The Newlywed Game?

Bj7GRg2IAAEjdcpAs costars on stage and screen (the X-Men franchise) and as pals in real life, Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan are close enough to be described as an old married couple. During the Broadway run of their production of Waiting for Godot/No Man’s Land, the guys spent a lot of their free time snapping photos around New York City, including holding hands in front of the queer landmark Stonewall Inn. The popular X-Men stars became a social media sensation with more than 600 million “impressions” across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Buzzfeed recently put their friendship to the test by quizzing the twosome about each other’s spirit animal, favorite music, foods and dream role.

See how well they really know each other in the clip below.

H/t: Jezebel