Peeps Want Reichen Dead

What is the world coming to? First the AFA tries to take out Wal-Mart, now people are trying to take out Reichen and Lance! We always knew the future would be scary, but this is almost too much!

It seems Reichen’s “tell all” on the abuse of gays in the military has churned up the eternal ire of America’s militarily-inclined homophobes.
Chatting with Inside Edition yesterday, Reichen said:

We have to be very protective…I am not going to hide. There are threats that come in from people who do not want me to be so public and expose what is going on in the military.

Of course he’s not going to hide! That would mean no more parties, photogs, and “fame”…

As a means of protecting themselves from their scores of enemies, Bass and Reichen have hired a security team and have passed the threats on to the FBI.

We suppose it’s not surprising that people have come out against Reichen’s book. What we’re more surprised by is the fact that the FBI would have any interest in protecting them. Aren’t there more pressing concerns in this country than a former boy-bander and his boyfriend?

Oh, and we’d like to point out that the headline (seen below) from our source reads ”
Bass and boyfriend get threats over book”. No matter how hard Reichen tries, he’ll always be second fiddle to Lancey the Nancy. Tear.