Repent America Succeeds In Appeal

Pennsylvania’s Pro-Gay Hate Crime Laws Tossed

The forces of evil won a legislative fight in Pennsylvania yesterday. Anti-gay group Repent America and mischievous leader Michael Marcavage got exactly what they wanted when a state court struck down gay-inclusive hate crime legislation.

A state court Thursday threw out language that expanded Pennsylvania’s hate-crimes law to include crimes committed on the basis of the victim’s sexual orientation or physical disabilities, because the restrictions were inserted into a bill that originally dealt with agricultural crimes.

Commonwealth Court’s 4-1 ruling handed a victory to a conservative Christian group called Repent America, which filed a lawsuit in 2005 challenging the amendment of the state hate-crimes law three years earlier.

Marcavage and six other group members argued that the amendment was passed unconstitutionally because it replaced language in a bill that dealt with agricultural vandalism and crop destruction.

Well, we are fruits…

Governor Ed Rendell and his team are going to review the decision and have 30 days to appeal. In the meantime, Rendell wants people to know his state remains committed to equality and took a swipe at Repent America:

It’s important to note that the Commonwealth Court’s decision was based on a procedural issue and not on the substance of the amendment. It’s also important to note that this legal challenge was mounted by individuals who themselves may benefit from the law’s protections for religious minorities.

No doubt Marcavage knows he’s being protected by the law. He’s simply being greedy with other people’s rights.