Pete Wentz Has Fun With Gay People

Like old Madonna, Pete Wentz owes at least part of his career to the gays.

The bent boys are always fawning over this over-hyped singer, who once showed his penis to the world and confessed that he would – gasp! – kiss a boy. Not one to ignore his biggest fans, Wentz gave the gays some more love last night at his bar, Angels & Kings.

New York magazine’s very excited Chris Rovzar “reports.” – or, we’re assuming it’s Rovzar:

Naturally, we accosted him. “I heard it’s gay night, right?” he asked us, after we complimented his pointy hair. Turns out Pete has “great ‘dar,” by which he means he has a highly tuned interior electromagnetic sensor which lets him know when there are moving or fixed homosexuals nearby.

So, naturally we asked, Do you like running with gays, Pete? “It seems sometimes like nobody knows how to have a good time anymore,” he told us. “But the gays are always having a good time.” It’s true! We are! We didn’t get our name for being grouchy, now did we?

That’s why we Queertians are always raining on parades – fighting stereotypes one grimace at a time.