PFLAG Col. Fights Don’t Ask

Former Air Force Colonel and PFLAG board member Daniel Tepfer came out against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell today. That policy, signed into law by former President Clinton, prohibits homos from flaunting their gays ways while enlisted.

That discriminatory measure must be overturned, says Tepfer, who served for 23-years:

I swore, as an Air Force officer, to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States. My unwavering belief is that the privileges and responsibilities of the Constitution, including military service, are for all citizens, including my gay child and other gay and lesbian citizens. I am proud of my military career, as are my wife and children. I know many stellar lesbian and gay troops who also served proudly, but who could not serve openly about their lives and their loved ones.

Our national priority should be on the qualification of potential service members, not on discriminating against them because of who they are.

Tepfer’s righteous declaration comes just days after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee found that the Pentagon has been issuing loads of moral waivers, which allow rapists and arsonists to sign up and serve. They apparently find convicted criminals are more responsible that same-sex lovers. Tepfer, obviously, does not.