GayCities Weekender

PHOTOS: A Carnival You Won’t Want To Miss

As Carnival in Provincetown wraps up this weekend, we thought we’d share a taste of what you’ll be missing if you aren’t there. Also on deck for the next few days, dance your heart out at Ascension on Fire Island, get some Summer camp realness, or catch a gloriously gay flick in San Diego. So much to do, so little time!

For more events, check out the GayCities Event Guide.

Photos by John LeClair, Provincetown, MA

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  • Greg Garavani

    Actually, I’d be glad to miss this carnival.

  • Carl

    I love #10’s footwear!

  • Tony

    I’m 38, so I must be getting old. These pics of these gay bashes look very…boring. They look like the same events over and over again. Y-A-W-N.

  • Paula

    I love the carnival, we were there on the friday before it began :( but we will be there next time. love all you people and don’t let people put you down, you are all great people and lots of fun

  • Ganondorf

    Is there a dude under forty in any of these pics? They’re all ew, and people who enjoy things like this after their twenties are EW, too.

  • David Gervais

    Ganondorf, you have no appreciation of how hot guys in their forties are and how many hot guys of all ages are in those pix. They’re old enough to be real men and know what they are doing. All those guys and gals in the pix are having fun. They don’t seem to know or care if you are grumpy too young or perhaps an ageist chicken hawk.

  • Ganondorf

    @David Gervais

    blech. Roided up aged out cast offs from the dying circuit make me irrationally grumpy! So do the forty five year old “bois” pictured above. Big wrinked mess o’ peter pan complex. Old/older men appeal to only a fringe fetish set in terms of objective appeal, and I see nothing wrong with being as viciously ageist as they likely were.

  • Sam

    That’s funny these photos are from last years carnival which was jungle themed. This years carnival however was can’t stop the music. If anyone is looking for carnival photos from this year let me know.

  • David Gervais

    Wow, Gan, what pics were you looking at? I saw lots of good looking men. You must have a very limited idea of what makes a good looking man.

    And I don’t think my forty something BF has only fringe fetish appeal, nor do the guys (of all ages) I see cruise him.

  • Ganondorf

    “You must have a very limited idea of what makes a good looking man.”

    Is this to suggest that yours is so expansive it accommodates all who possess a pulse? Consider yourself fortunate to be so uncritical, as you will always find someone who will settle for you (and in your case, you never settle!). For those who are naturally picky, it is limited, and that’s a very good thing for us.

    Most men aren’t attracted to older people, gay or straight. Those gay men that are attracted to older men are not common. This is just a fact.

  • mark


    And what will become of you once you are 40? Will you hide behind closed doors? Will you walk about in a burqa?

    Get a life.

  • Pep, Italy

    Completely agree with Ganondorf – not at all my scene but if that’s what they like than more power to them.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Ganondorf: What you know as “fact” is actually shit. But good news for the rest of us, one day you will find a gray hair growing on your chest, and, viola, you’ll drop dead of age panic.

  • David Gervais

    ganandorf, You think I never settle? My first husband & I were together 32 years.

    My taste in men is not all inclusive, but I do not judge men solely on their age. When you consider the whole person, there are a lot of appealing men in the world.

  • Ganondorf

    “but I do not judge men solely on their age”

    Neither do I. So you do judge men based on their age. What a coincidence. Not solely, but it is an important criterion of aesthetic evaluation given aging (ya know, physical reality, or simply, reality).

    I don’t know you, so I don’t know if you settle or not, but your words would imply that it takes a lot for you to refuse to settle for–that you’re not very choosy or picky. Nothing wrong with that, and I’d imagine it makes things a lot easier, but I oddly enough I’m not envious at all of that trait.

  • Matthew

    Maybe the reason some young guys like older men is to potentially avoid people like you?

  • Michael

    # 20 # 14 and the last one on page 2 all in a doggy bag please. ;)

    As far as the older comments go older means wiser not to mention more experience :D

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  • Spike

    #15 – The obligatory lesbian picture

  • scott ny'er

    @Sam: That’s funny. I was there as well and was wondering why I didn’t see any of this at PTown Carnival even tho I got there early and waited the 2 hours for the darn thing to start. It’s like a small-town Pride march. A nice, intimate, home town feel. Over in an hour or so.

    Whilst PrideNYC is BIG, BIG, BIG, but not as intimate. And long.

    PTown Carnival “Can’t Stop the Music” was nice and fun tho. And the crowd really dug it.

  • matt


    And what will become of you once you are 40? Will you hide behind closed doors? Will you walk about in a burqa?

    Get a life.”

    I really want to hear an answer to this, do you expect to just stop having sex once you reach age 30 or something?

  • Ganondorf


    Well and what what, considering that the science fiction that gets passed off for hard science that that huckster eccentric aubrey de grey talks about to desperate people and grifters (wherever there are desperate people there are grifters), even if such anti-aging treatments were available in the future, they’d only be accessible to a select few in the global corporate oligarchy who could afford them. For mere mortals like me who believe that insider trading and corporate crime is not only illegal and ethically wrong (but apparently unstoppable) but inconsistent with the concept and aspiration of a functioning democracy and stable class structure that permits social mobility, there are two options: deal with it or don’t. The old absurd choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. I’m not thinking about it, and I don’t hafta. I tellsya what I won’t be, though. I won’t be a grown manchild who lives out a protracted adolescence and twenties engaging in stupid frat pranks, partying and the antics featured above well into my forties and beyond. Dignity is something far too many aged out gay men seem to lack. And there are reasons for that. If you really wanna know…

  • rascal

    @Ganondorf: My God! you sure sound like a very young, spoiled, humorless, conceited, ignorant pain in the ass.

  • wtf

    Oh Ganondorf. You’re such a stupid kunt.

  • Jim Robertson

    You must be in your 20’s to think the way that you do. What will your options be after 40. Suicide? Facelifts? Or trying to come to terms with having a limited mind set that will leave you lonely and unsatisfied the minute you leave your 30’s. Poor thing. But living long enough to experience the kind of pathetic self hatred that you project towards others over 40 will most surely come back to bite you in your soon to be saggy old ass. And dignity is not something that you can order on when you think it’ll be time to acquire some, because you certainly don’t seem to have any now.

  • Maddie

    Ok photos but whene they naked to be great photos

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