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  • L.

    See – one added advantage of thumbnail galleries (besides not forcing users to click unnecessarily) is that it’s easy to spot that #13 and #19 are the same images.

  • declanto

    The advantage of being comment #2 is that L has already been there, done that. Thanks, L, you saved me a burdensome click there.

  • Alexander

    He looks like James Dean… really. Check out #10

  • L.

    @declanto: Why, thanks – we aim to help. (Though having stopped at #19 I can’t help further in determining whether it’s repeated a third time.)


    Clickophobes: Every day posters complain about not having thumbnails. Guess what??? They ain’t never comming!

    Queerts is most certainly on a revenue model where the rates they charge are based on a click per day guarantee/estimate. The more clicks the site generates per day, the greater revenue. It sucks, but in all fairness,this is a business after all. There is no charge to post or view here. Unless they went to a subscription model, which would never work you will never see thumbnails here………..

  • User

    yes, but if they had a contact sheet, they wouldn’t get as many views on their ads.

  • L.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: For one, Queerty *had* thumbnails on galleries as late as Spring 2009 – I stumbled across a couple ones – so it’s not they *wouldn’t* implement it, it’s that they went back and made the site *less* user-friendly.

    Yet, despite being intellectually challenged, I *do* understand they need the clicks. (And anyway, many sites offer thumbs galleries and yet still work on a click-based revenue model.)

    In the end, this is a “reader convenience vs publisher income” dilemma, and we know which side they picked – and I agree that since I don’t pay them, I have little standing complaining about it.

    (I just stopped looking at most of the galleries, is all. I only went through this one looking for the full-size image used for lead, because while airbrushed guys leave me cold, this goofy and fun image is *teh* cute.)

    But, as you mention, people complain daily about this, and the smart thing for a publisher may be to listen to what readers say, otherwise they could well become non-readers. And wither the clicks *then*?

  • Who Cares

    I am on the verge of becoming a non-reader….hot guys can be found everywhere on the net….and for news, one can read them on Gay365 or The Advocate from a more journalistic and serious perspective …so Queerty, get your sh*t together or soon you’ll be a non-entity on the net.

  • jeffree

    A few very good shots but it would be a stretch to say that this photo set is “curated.”
    #12 is a waste. We don’t need photos like that here…..

    When are re-cent com-ments go-ing to be dis-played a-gain?

  • lamismaluna

    Christ on a cracker, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it, and stop bitching.

    I, for one, am thankful for this collection of images. He’s pretty cute.

  • GetReal

    who says gays lead meaningless lives? many gays seem to find meaning in life by waking up every morning and posting a comment about the lack of thumbnail images here. i’m just sorry they have to wait 24 hours until they get to do it again. I wonder what poor souls face their ire during those intervening hours?

  • alan brickman

    clicking isn’t hard….go hit a gym already… whinners…

  • L.

    @alan brickman: Clicking is easy indeed. Easier than spelling, anyway.

  • L.

    @jeffree: +1 on the recent comments thingy, by the way.

  • topsyturvy

    Picture number 1 is hott as f**k!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Since they have started featuring the pubic line, I’m in 7th heaven.

    Adam Huss –

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