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PHOTOS: Back When Channing Tatum Was an 18-Year-Old Stripper


It was called Male Encounter, and it’s the adult men’s dance troupe Channing Tatum‘s agent would’ve preferred everyone forget about. Back in 1999, a then-18-year-old Tatum was paying the rent (in his pre-Mountain Dew days) by dancing for dollars — earning $50 a night, plus tips. Predictably, “the women went crazy for him,” says the owner of the Chippendales-esque group. And while the singing-and-stripping act may be a slight blemish on any budding Hollywood actor’s IMDB listing, something suggests G.I. Joe‘s $56,000,000 opening weekend will make those worry warts disappear.

UPDATE: Video on Page 4 and 5.

(Us Weekly via BoyCulture)