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PHOTOS: The best and worst RompHims on Instagram

Summer 2017 hasn’t even officially begun and already it’s proving to be all about the RompHim.

In case you still haven’t heard, the RompHim is basically a romper, but for men. It’s a one-piece body garment specifically designed for guys, and pretty much everyone on the planet has an opinion about them.

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The jury is still out on whether the RompHim is a good thing or a bad thing. A lot of people hate them. But a lot of people love them. And very few are indifferent toward them.

However you feel about the the latest trend in summer fashion, one thing is becoming crystal clear: Like it or not, RompHims are here to stay.

Scroll down for the best and worst RompHims on Instagram…

Rompers??? Romphims………. #romphim #hatersgonnahate #inkedboys#crossfitinvasion

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Some ppl can wear romphims and some can not #romphim

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THE BANQUET BEER. #coors #coorsbanquet #coorsshorts #coorsshirt #maleromper

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AREA RUG! #saturday #romphim #native #kneesnotashy

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#RompHim weather…

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