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PHOTOS: Everyone’s going crazy over this engineer for reasons that will not elude you

Meet Keegan Whicker, who, much like Pietro Boselli, is an industrial engineer who just so happens to also be distractingly beautiful.

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??? #charliebymz #tbt

A photo posted by Keegan Whicker (@klwhick) on

Thanks to his penchant for posting steamy selfies to his Instagram account, Whicker has steadily collected over 190K followers — and a quick ogle over some of his work make it pretty damn clear why people are starting to obsess.

Let’s take a closer look:

Life's good. ???

A photo posted by Keegan Whicker (@klwhick) on


A photo posted by Keegan Whicker (@klwhick) on

Day one of my 5 day summer: Poppin' Champagne n' packin'

A photo posted by Keegan Whicker (@klwhick) on

h/t: Instinct

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  • justyouandi

    Not enough body hair.

    • Greg

      @justyouandi You just had to find something to criticize about him.

    • TimofMinneapolis

      Incredibly Handsome and Masculine face; but a twink’s body … blech!

    • TimofMinneapolis

      I’d love to be able to share the meme that states, “If a man is willing to shave his chest … He might as well shave his vagina, too.” lol

    • Buie

      Not enough body hairs? For what? For you? Somehow I don’t think that will impact his life.

  • nmharleyrider

    another hairless twink. no thanks

    • billybob2003

      Can I ride on your Harley Mr Harley Rider?

  • Hillers

    Please let him have a small dick or be abysmally boring, ’cause otherwise, it’s just not fair.

    • NeoAurelianus

      give me back those shoes!!!

  • GRMonLI

    Poor thing…..absolutely no confidence!!!!!

  • Sandym70

    Thank goodness I’m ugly rather than being a hopeless narcissist who posts constant half clothed pictures to bolster their sense of self worth.

    • Greg

      @Sandym70 Who told you that you are ugly? Every one is beautiful in their own way.

    • ruben_gloria

      I guess you could say that, all I see is a fairly easy and smart way to make money from ad revenue.

  • Jack Meoff

    Wow I can’t believe the posts on this article. The man is gorgeous and what did he ever do to deserve this level of negative bile. It all sounds like jealousy to me. He’s got good looks and brains. Good luck to him I hope he capitalises on both.

    • Mo Bro

      Or . . . are you a Brit?

    • Jack Meoff

      @Mo Bro mind your own business and stop embarrassing yourself. It is only America that has mutilated the English language with the over use of the letter Z.

    • BGinBigD

      Amen, sister, you tell ’em! Anyone that criticizes Keegan’s fantastic body and beautiful face is jealous. He may not be your type, but the man is gorgeous on any scale.

  • Chris

    Those light-brown to gold eyes do it for me.

  • Brian

    A handful of his photos are great, but I quickly grow tired of the “Instagram personalities” that post selfies a whole 100% of the time. You travel all over the world, and you haven’t found a single sunset, mountain, or flower that’s interesting enough for *one* photograph?

    • ptcruiser13

      Ahhh dig deeper. His Instagram is actually full of sunsets, beaches, iconic architectural photos without his mug and other parts in sight – there’s even flowers! Oh, and there’s lots and lots of bikini-clad, beachfront crotch shots at the end of his rolling abs. Conceded? maybe. Still hot? yep!

  • Herman75

    Nice smile. Pleasant, just like Pietro. So remember qweenz, leave the piss and vinegar at home.

  • Billy Budd

    He is hot. All this and brains too. What else can a gay guy wish for? You are all bitter queens, for saying bad things about him.

  • Binary Void

    He’s attractive no doubt but he also comes across as full of himself in just the pictures alone. It’s seems hollow to think we can only appreciate intelligent people when they have killer super model looks. This is getting a little boring.

    • Greg

      @Binary Void. Nobody said we can only appreciate intelligent people when they have killer super model looks, but it’s a +plus.

  • clhs

    Another generic, vain clone looking vapidly into the camera. Yawn.

    • Buie

      Those eyes are not generic.

  • Captain Obvious

    Dunno what everyone else is complaining about. I was too busy looking at that thick ass around back. He seems to think he’s a top though, that’s funny.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    all the negative comments from people who would more than likely bend over to do him reek of jealousy. as for me, i’d call him daddy any time.

  • cleancut123

    to me he looks more like someone who needs a masc top in his life….he does not give daddy vibes at all….still gorgeous though

  • Stilinski26

    This site only promotes good looking white men with abs but is quick to lecture us about diversity Ironic

  • Aromaeus

    Being white and having abs = worthy enough of a queerty article.

    • Ksb1978

      It’s a prerequisite.

  • Winter

    Very worthy of an article, for sure…
    No. Next.

  • Arconcyyon

    it´s my little day week day world engenheryi´s ! sex beautifly sex ! bissex heterossex ! Future DomPrinceDuke Night Fest People site film pornu sex film night ! it´s for to you .

  • astrodude

    Damn. Such a hot dude! And a great role model too! Love seeing the increased visibility of butch, masc gay guys.

    • leeddie_clifcan

      lol butch? Attractive yes.

  • photonut

    My God! I can’t believe the number of negative comments about this guy!! I find him HOTTER THAN HELL!! Just what I like in a guy. Sure would love to see more, I can only imagine ………………….!!!
    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • BGinBigD

    Good Lawerd! He’s gorgeous. Just got another Instagram follower (stalker).

  • David Bolton

    There’s nothing like a Photoshopped selfie.

  • Steve

    Might have a hard time calling him daddy but dayum he could do anything he wants

    • Greg

      @riya33 I would need a few days.

  • Greg

    Well, I suppose he has an interesting face and body but it turns me right off because he can’t talk intelligently about art. I could never love anyone like that. Mary, she’s gorgeous. He’s beautiful. He has unnatural natural beauty. Not that that means anything. Oh yes, it’s too bad about this poor boy’s face. It’s tragic. He’s absolutely cursed. How could his beauty ever compare with my soul? And although I’ve never seen my soul, I understand from my mother’s rabbi that it’s a knockout.

  • BigWill

    Jesus, is that guy good-looking!!!!

  • CarlIsle

    I appreciate this man’s beauty but it really turns me off when I see an Instagram page that is full of cheesy selfies.

  • stevetalbert

    Whats his package like?? He said he was packing. Put up or shut up.

  • Josh447

    OOOOOMMMMMFFFFFFFGGGGGG!!! PIETRO JUST GOT REPLACED! I’m sure this guy is smerking at all these comments but who cares. He’s a genetic master piece.

  • Tombear

    I like “straight” guys on the DL with hairy chests and I trimmed bushes!

    • Tombear

      Untrimmed bushes!

  • prarie pup

    Nahhh, he’s not vain at all.

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