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PHOTOS: Freshly-Blonde-And-Out Colton Haynes Goes Shirtlessly S&M


It’s almost as though we knowingly, deliberately splash into the deepest fathoms of self-parody with this daily parade of photos featuring modern-day cheesecake like Zac Efron, Nick Jonas and, as demonstrated here, Colton Haynes. Are we simply hoping to rack up reams of hate mail as we laugh up our sleeves?

Not at all. Last night, Haynes took to Instagram to post this series of photos by Tyler Shields, and we felt it was our civic duty to share:

? x @thetylershields

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According to a gibbering post at Perez Hilton, this is the tip of the iceberg as far as the photos are concerned — and they’re all going to be compiled in a “shocking” Madonna-esque, SEX-like coffee-table book.


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As Haynes writes on Instagram, “Every single time we work together we push boundaries & make incredible art. Our photography book is gonna be pretty shocking to say the least…”

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Talking to E!, Tyler Shields further discussed the up-and-coming project:

“It’s amazing to see him since he came out, how free he is now… Of course it happened on his own time, but I am so happy for him he’s free now. We want it to be a full collection of him, some with other people, some of just him. But Kate Moss has a pretty incredible book shot by Mario Testino, and I love that concept: one person, one book, one collection. And as Madonna did with her sex book I think we will be pushing some boundaries on this one.”

And we will continue pushing boundaries with more posts about Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, and, yeah, Colton Haynes.