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  • declanto

    Just about the most perfect set that Queerty has shown in 2010. Every click. BUT, forgive my patriotic soul, number 4– OMG.

  • dvlaries

    Sure as hell makes up for Tuesday and Wednesday and then some. He’s so fine looking it’s scary to me – exactly the kind of man I can imagine coercing me into any criminality he wanted to keep calling him my own.

    I’d love to know, though, what makes it so difficult for queerty to find a steadier supply like Derek? Handsome sexy men aren’t that an endangered species are they?

  • Andrew

    He is very handsome and his body is incredible. But please, someone give this poor chap some bacon or candy so his body fat goes up to 0.02% and then he may be able to crack a smile!

  • Mark Morales

    OMG!!!! AWESOME MG….I will say that he is a hotty….BONERLICIOUS!!! gotz 2 love pic 12, in fact all pics

  • Drew

    WoW! Mighty Fine man. Great cock #10. Great ass #12. Amazing body in all. Definitely a do over.. and over… and over!!

  • Scott

    #10 for the win, with #12 close behind (pun intended)

  • Dickie

    Not my particular flavor of choice, but I don’t think I’d kick him out of bed for eating cookies… In fact, I might make hom eat some cookies ;)

  • Rick Brannon

    Oh, he is VERY good looking.

    Slap about 20 lbs of muscle on him and I would let him have his way with me.

  • scott ny'er

    wow. he is VERY lean. And yet has great big muscles.

    #12, what an ass.

  • alan brickman

    So perfect…don’t be jealous…let’s see your pics a bunch of fat/sads…

  • Blaine Ward

    @alan brickman: Once and for all, you asshole, this has NOTHING to do with jealousy! Why don’t you show us your pics you fat, ugly, lonely, miserable, 300-pound son of a bitch!!!

  • notreallyhere247

    #8! wet guys make me wet! and #4….GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  • Suburban

    I like #6, that is SOME stare, just wish the pic showed more of him. @ Drew about #10, wow!

  • Plazaboy

    Congrats Queerty, you have finally made me click through an entire set. Quite possibly the most gorgeous man i have ever seen – i want more!!!!!

  • Austin

    Nice body.
    I wish he had an expression other than Zoolander scowl.

  • Jayson

    Very nice! He kind of reminds me of a younger version of Rob Estes

  • vitaminE

    Very nice, but seriously another day another white model. What kind of message are you trying to send about what kinds of men are attractive? Please get some men of color up in here!

  • stevenelliot

    he is way hot in #17 with that ‘stache!! living in LA has gotten me hooked (all over again) on guys with moustaches. On the right guyz a handlebar is so friggin sexy

  • Black Pegasus

    Same ole boring vanilla clones eh?…

    Where are the Sexy Asian, Black, Indian, and Latino varieties?


  • Jack E. Jett

    #12….reminds me of that lyric…can’t remember the song or the group….but it went like.

    I wanna thank your mama for a butt like that……………

  • justiceontherocks

    A for the arms; A+ for the chest; A++ for the ass; no score high enough to measure the abs.

  • dukeofhurl

    THAT’S a situation!

  • lady ira

    damn hot

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