PHOTOS: Guys With Receding Hairlines Are Sexy As Hell

Once upon a time, we dreaded the loss of our hair. Until we realized there’s really nothing more masculine — or sexy — than a receding hairline, otherwise known as male pattern baldness. (Not to mention we save a ton on shampoo and conditioner.) This is one of the many things gay men are good at — finding the sexy outside the usual confines of beauty.

Check out these photos of hot guys with receding hairlines.

Photo credit: furjacked

Photo credit: nippig

Photo credit: furjacked

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Photo credit: hammertoejoe

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Photo credit: furjacked

Photo credit: furjacked

Photo credit: furjacked

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Photo credit: furjacked

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  • bobst

    No, we’re not.

    Some get a pass because eerything else is so fucking hot.

    Nice try though, thanks.

  • darkanser

    It’s interesting you’ve put the fifth guy — the ginger with the beard — in this category. I suppose his other assets — his handsome face and his other “talent” — kept me distracted from any follicular issue.
    Personally, I have no issue with my men going bald or being bald. I think Hairclub For Men is primarily for straight men. It’s their women –many of whom like the Fabio type — who make these guys self-conscious about losing their hair. I prefer an abundance of hair elsewhere on a man’s body…;-)

  • tardis

    @bobst: Sexy is such a vague term. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has something different to offer. So, yeah. There’s nothing wrong with bald guys. Not in my book at least.

  • CaptainFabulous

    @bobst: This. A thousand times this. While some men look fine bald, nearly all look better with a full head of hair.

  • Franco C.

    Clearly there is nothing wrong with a bald guy because it’s natural, normal and happens to a lot of people. Why make someone feel unattractive for something that they can’t control? I’m often disturbed by the shallow comments many gay people leave on these boards, and how terribly judgmental they are to anyone who doesn’t fit into their tiny box of what’s deemed desirable.

  • BBellairs

    I find all of these men incredibly hot, not because of the lack of hair on their heads but because of the hair on their bodies. I don’t mind a smooth chested man, but I LOVE a hairy chested one! (Like my partner!)

  • Nixter

    Hot? If you think so, Queerty.

  • Greg Garavani

    Awh thanks Queerty, I got a little self-confidence boost from this post. But that 3rd guy, ouuff!

  • MikeE

    The funniest thing is, all these guys bitching that the guys aren’t hot are the SAME ones who will criticize others for being “bitter queens” for not liking when Queerty posts pics of hairless barely-pubescent twinks.

    For f*ck’s sake, some guys like men who look more “manly”, some like guys who look more “boyish” (excuse the limiting, but non-judgmental terminology). Get over yourselves.

  • newecreator

    Most of the guys have beards! No fair!

  • Geoff B

    Articles like this are great for eye candy, but seriously, what’s on the inside, I’ve found is way more important. Guys losing their hair were never my type, neither were country guys, nor non straight acting guys (I have very thick hair, from a large city and what most would consider straight acting (not a knock against those who aren’t and if you ask me I’ll tell you, but I like heavy metal, football, and beer)). We’ll I’ve been with a guy who isn’t follically blessed, comes from a rural town, owns a farm, and loves soap operas, Beyonce, and show tunes for almost 9 years now and have never been happier. The thing is, he ticks off the REALLY important things (kind, funny, smart, hardworking, loves my family, finally has become a football fan) that the things I didn’t think I was attracted to I love about him. And the things about me I think are faults, he thinks are endearing. The point I’m trying to make is if you have dealbreakers that are cosmetic or are only open to a certain type of person, you might miss out on something great. Trust me, if I had dismissed this balding, country, not straight acting guy I’m marrying in a few months, I think my life would be a lot less happy.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    @Geoff B: Geoff, it’s comments like yours that make me with Queerty had a ” like ” option like they do on Facebook. Very sweet.

    And yeah, lots of these guys are hot.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    *wish = and it’s time like those where I wish they had an editing button as well. :)

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I don’t judge people based primarily on their looks, but since we’re discussing looks/sexiness I’ll just say that the one that stands out as sexy is definitely #3. Most men look better with hair.

  • miriammccowan

    My Uncle Jason recently got a nearly new yellow Audi S4 just by some parttime working online with a lap-top… why not look here

  • Franco C.

    I guess I’m confused why anyone would want to criticize someone’s appearance, stranger or not. We’re all born with our faces and bodies, though we can augment them as much as we want. To write on these boards and say that someone is “ugly”, or would be “better looking if…” is concerning, because it reflects psychology. Making shallow pejorative statments is used to either hide a person’s deep-rooted insecurities about their own looks, which is based on buying into social standards, or it’s simply mean-spirited. Regardless, all it requires is a little thought, and kindness. Why make someone feel bad about how they look? I really don’t get it.

  • SteveDenver

    Perhaps the topic should be “Sexy Guys.” The hairline doesn’t matter much, it’s the guy. The hairline doesn’t determine the sex appeal.

  • Kenhsv1965

    I think they are all beautiful!!

  • deltabadhand

    I’ve been sexy for 28 years, since I was 22…

  • B Damion

    @Franco C. …Most intelligent comments I have ever read on queerty.
    Thank you.
    That made me smile.

  • Stefano

    I’m bald and i’m not sexy. I lost my hair 7 years ago. I’m 45 and people think i’m 55 or 60…and many of my friends making fun of me… But these guys are hot. :-)

  • ssatenn

    Yeah 100%!!!

  • Geoff B

    @TheNewEnergyDude: Thanks for your kind words. We finally both have a weekend off together and I showed him my post. He’s touched and I think I might be getting some tonight! Yee Ha!

  • dre23222

    I wish one of these guys would look me up and get at me. I definitely love to meet any one of them. They are hot and sexy…

  • Bemoresocial

    @bobst: speak for yourself. I’m bald and I’m at the height of my sexiness. Don’t put me in your sad sack “no one will ever think I’m hot because my hair isn’t like that of a young boy” bandwagon. Your hair isn’t the defining characteristic of your physical appeal. If it was when you had hair, you were doing it wrong. Work harder. Go the gym or something. Stop whining like a little bald bitch.

  • Bemoresocial

    @Stefano: but there are hot 50 and 60 year old looking guys. Looking older doesn’t have to be associated with being not hot or less hot than you were at a younger age. It’s all about confidence and appeal. You can have confidence and be appealing no matter what you look like or how old people think you are. And if you’re friends are making fun of you because you’re bald or balding or look older than you are, then you need new friends, my friend. They don’t sound very nice or supportive about something that seems important to you.

  • uruz422

    agreed, especially since (as shown above) they generally make up for it for being VERY hairy where it counts! yum!!!

  • Stefano

    @Bemoresocial : it is true that i’m ugly and being bald makes me look uglier. My friends only tell me the truth. :-) By the way, not only my friends making fun of me but many people on the street, in restaurant, bars, etc. People can be so mean sometimes but i get used to it. :-)

  • Bemoresocial

    @Stefano: I certainly hope you’re kidding. Don’t you know? Being gay means that no matter what you look like: someone will think it’s hot. Fat, pale, short, hairy, bald, whatever.

  • Geoff B

    @Stefano: I really hope you see this and think long and hard about what I have to say and what Bemoresocial already said. First off, Bemoresocial mentioned he’s bald and hot. You know what? He probably is because he’s confident and carries himself that way. Second, if your friends treat you how you say they do, for God’s sake find some new f**king friends. Friends are supposed to be a positive in your life not beat you down. Third, read my oriogional post about my fiancee. I spent my 20’s as pretty hot stuff. I didn’t know it then because I had friends who loved nothing better than to rip each other to shreds. I removed myself and decided impressing people I realized I don’t even like wasn’t important, yeah, I “let myself go” a bit. I quit beating myself up over gaining a few pounds or getting some gray hair or not blowing money on the “hottest new looks”, but most of all, and this is the important part, formed friendships with people who actually supported me and cared about who I was and not if I looked like an Aussie Bum model. I started to realize I had value beyond what I looked like and so did others. The night I met my fiancee I saw him as a person and not as someone who deviated from some stupid checklist. He did the same. Yeah, I would love to look like I did when I was 24, but I wouldn’t go back even if I could. 9 years later, I have a man who makes me happier than I ever thought possible and am still friends with all those friends I traded the toxic ones for. Stop calling yourself ugly and beating yourself up over your so-called imperfections and for God’s sake demand better from people in your life than what you’ve been getting. If not, lose them. Trust me, when you put yourself out there as someone who has value and won’t be a doormat, good things will happen. You’ll find friends who will add to your life, and maybe even that special someone who you didn’t notice was right under your nose because you mistakenly thought you weren’t good enough. Keep your head held high and screw those who make you feel you aren’t good enough for them, because they’re the ones who aren’t good enough for you. End rant.

  • Stefano

    @Bemoresocial @Geoff B : thank you for your response. I appreciate. I don’t think to be confident makes you more attractive to others. I saw a lot of ugly guys who are very confident and they are alone. People are laughing at them in their back…so i prefer that people makes fun of me in my face instead. Thank you again for you response.

  • balehead

    Criticizing people’s appearances?….That’s what Queerty posters live for!!!

  • Stefano

    @balehead : LOL

  • Bill

    A lot of these guys have a pretty good head of hair, if you asked me.

  • bobmister250

    Just a recommendation for people that are losing hair in the front: Propecia or its generic, Proscar. Both use the active ingredient finasteride. Pretty effective stuff. You do need a dermatologist’s prescription though to get Propecia. Not sure about Proscar. And depending on your health coverage, Propecia may be covered even though it’s technically a cosmetic medication.

  • Mykey

    Baldness is a sign of more testosterone, hence better breeding possibilities and success in the gene pool! A toast to all bald men! Woof!

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