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PHOTOS: Hottest Men Of The Chicago Blackhawks


In case you hadn’t noticed, hockey’s Championship Series in on, and they’re playing for the Stanley Cup. It’s the Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Boston Bruins (go here for a photo appreciation), and Chicago in particular is nuts for their team, including this Art Institute lion, decked out in a badass black Blackhawk helmet.

On the following pages are some other reasons Chicagoans, and you, should be psyched for the Stanley Cup: the Boys of the Blackhawks, based purely on their appearance. We can talk more after we actually watch a game.

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  • SparkyNH

    Why was I expecting Patrick Kane to be the big finale, and dumbfounded to see that he’s not even listed?

  • Empyrean

    So, this ISN’T a take-out menu?

    Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn……… :-(

  • Jackhoffsky

    Hellooo Captain.

  • hudson

    other than speedskater ass, it doesn’t come much better than hockey ass.

  • Mike

    They must all have curved dicks. They all shoot left or right. None of them shoot straight!

  • balehead

    Extremely hawt masculine guys!!….Hopefully the jealous “controlls” won’t show up……

  • HernanMinogue

    I’d go for Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford, and Patrick Sharp. I have a thing for white men. I also think Patrick Kane & Jonathan are pretty hot with their beards.

  • HernanMinogue

    @assbutt: take your homophobe ass somewhere else

  • Freeforall

    No only is hockey the most exciting sports, it’s the sexiest. Go Leafs Go!

  • Ryan

    How can you mention the Art Institute’s Lion and not mention the Field Museum’s Brachiosaurus! Google “Field Museum Blackhawks” to see what I mean.

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