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PHOTOS: Inside the GayCities Cocktail Soiree

The GayCities/Queerty team threw an invitation-only bash in New York City last night at Boxers. GayCities founders Scott Gatz and Chris Bull flew out from San Francisco to meet and greet a fun pack of Queerty readers and friends. GayCities’ national sales director Scott Furman joined Queerty contributors Lawrence Ferber, Evan Mulvihill, John Russell, Brian Sloan and more than 100 guests at the packed sports bar. New York editor Jeffrey James Keyes captured the pre-holiday mingling with his trusty Canon.

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  • Oscar Raymundo

    Guy in photo #5 is super steamy. I demand the whole batch of Queerty reporters who were present to initiate an investigation as to his identity. Facebook profile and relationship status included…

  • nova

    I spotted the black guy and the Asian…what do I win?

  • Mike

    Would have been cool to go but we all don’t live in New York.

  • RLS

    I was AT Boxers last night and I had no clue about this. How on earth is anything “exclusive” or “invite only” at Boxers? Were they in the roped off section in the front?

    Gay people are in such a rush to be exclusive and “A-List” that it’s so very, very lame.

    Kind of like how the dance on the pier used to be accessible to all where now its an exclusive haunt of the white muscle queen circuit types.

  • CBRad

    @Ugly People: To see the really goodlooking men of NYC you have to go to the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn to see the dudes who were actually born here. These parties are just for a bunch of out-of-towners trying to be glamourpuss.

  • RLS

    To see the good looking MEN of NYC you generally don’t go to any bars or clubs in Chelsea or HK.

    The guys in this city are so feminine they’re practically transitioning.

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