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PHOTOS: Lance Bass’ Man Friend Can’t Even Handle 1st Minute of Fame


OH SNAP — We’re going to need your help IDing the fella with Lance Bass, leaving the bougie club Boujis in London. So says the photo agency snapping the pics: It was Bass’ male companion who was furious about having to be photographed. Yeah, ’cause it’s your picture they’re after. (Photos: Splash News)

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    Is it me or is Lance starting to not look like an Lesbian trying to look like a man. The facial hair and age is working for him!

  • Jack

    When did LB get so hot?!

  • alan brickman

    he’s had more surgery for sure!!!..

  • alan brickman

    great boots and shoes though…

  • B

    Why is it that when you have a hot body it’s automatic license to not have to wear a shirt prpoperly and to show as much skin as possible? He literally has more buttons open then closed!

  • dvnovert

    OMG. did lance have a freakin’ nose job?

  • ggreen

    They both look like they are wearing ladies jeans and clown shoes.

  • M Shane

    Between having ladies jeans, clown shoes and a nose job Lance most have been high to be so anxious to have snaps taken.
    I don’t know if it’s ladies jeans or a ladies ass, but it doesn’t work with the tiny nose. Most likely his pard just doesn’t want to be seen with him.

  • drew brown

    Lance does look good! I thought the same thing. Whatever he’s doing, whether it’s aging, surgery or styling… it’s working.

  • JJ

    But the guy he is with …he looks too good to be going home with some drunk from the bar ….

  • stevenelliot

    yep its confirmed. all tops have flat asses…..

  • AlwaysGay

    I have to agree with the others. Lance is looking good. Before seeing these photos I wouldn’t consider getting in bed with him. Now, I would. Also, he always has the hottest boyfriends.

  • rhydderch

    It looks like Lance has finally grown into his nose (or maybe I was just distracted by his biceps)

  • rhydderch

    @stevenelliot: who do you think is this top?

  • oh boy

    He does look good. It looks like he has had a nose job and that somehow his browline has been made more even…

    Hmmm…I am curious about any possible surgeries

  • Republican

    B, quit being such a prude.

  • The Gay Numbers

    why is that dude wearing a scarf in summer? it is cold there? ditto on the rest of the clothes. and i think the face thing is the angle of the foto and the photoshopping.

  • DL

    i think he works out at crunch in los angeles.

  • Greg Theron

    EW. Lance Bass is so gross.

  • SouLKid

    What the hell @ everyone saying those are ladies jeans? boys u need a fashion intervention.Those jeans are not ladies.Even straight men wear them.

  • Josh

    the stupid thing is the idiot has to be “stopped” by lance from going after the photo guys? Lance needs to ditch this hot head looser!

  • atmospheric

    his name is Ryan Young. he’s an aspiring actor in Los Angeles and kind of a dick.

  • MoHoTo

    Aspiring + Los Angeles = dick pretty much 100% of the time, in my experience. But I agree Lance Bass is looking good. And the dick is cute, too. But the scarf? What is that thing? A trinket from Ohura’s Star Trek wardrobe auction?

  • ben

    Shiny, orchid, 8-inch too short unbuttoned blouse is the man’s version of Nina Garcia’s patented “Quickest way to look cheap”

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @ TGN

    We’ve had rain here every other day but then it’s been sunny….still, you’d wear a cool scarf cause the nights are cooool…

    (Yep global warming)

  • Jon Royce

    I think Lance looks great. And so does the new friend.

  • scott ny'er

    maybe it’s the angle of the photos. Something does look different because he does look hotter than before.

    He’s been working on his body so that’s a given but the face, you really can’t do much with. Either plastic surgery or it’s the angle of the photo.

    Oh and his BF. HOOOOOOOOTTTT!

  • The Gay Numbers

    For the record, in my working class black neighbor, women were wearing those jeans 5 years ago. So yes, they are are lady jeans.

  • Republican

    Such bitchy comments . Ryan is hot and a good guy (despite his politics being nothing like mine) . He’s not arrogant, just confident. Christ.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Sorry if the reality check about the jeans bother you. but they are the jeans once again that women in the my neighborhood wear. Although with them due to body size, there is normally a muffin, which would be gross even if I wasn’t gay.

  • Dennis

    Yeah, that’s a new and improved Lance Bass, that’s for sure. Looks like a slightly slimmer nose, and more prominent chin. I’m not judging, good for him, etc., he looks a lot less like Ellen Degeneres now, and borders on actually hot. Well Done.

  • rudy

    @stevenelliot: I think it’s Scot-Irish genes.
    Down here in Bama, all the white men have flat asses – even when they have huge beer guts.
    And it’s got NOTHING to do with being tops.

  • amazingpenis

    The photographers may well have been provoking them. Some of them behave like absolute vultures.

  • Sean

    Lance Bass makes me embarassed to be gay. Go away puhleeze. Aren’t his 15 minutes up yet?

  • ousslander

    @The Gay Numbers: the same reason idiots wear wool caps in the summer time. HIpster duffisness

  • The Observers

    I think the biggest tragedy here apart from the dodgy sartorial choices and slightly wanky behaviour – is the choice of club where these travesties took place – who on earth goes to Boujis? Seriously uncoool.

  • stevenelliot

    @rhydderch: not lance bass. the other guy is the top

  • Henry Holland

    “his name is Ryan Young. he’s an aspiring actor in Los Angeles and kind of a dick”

    Great! Another shitty actor/model/waiter clogging up the freeways here. They’re like a plague, why don’t they all fuck off back to the shitty little towns back east and in the midwest that they came from?

  • arrcee

    I think they look good. Not every photo ever taken will look like a photo spread from GQ.
    Some of the comments are so judgemental. It’s making you look a lot worse than whatever you’re bitching about.
    Grow a brain people.

  • Mike

    When is Lance’s sex tape coming out?

  • Luke

    My only thought is the guy with LB has to be drunk…otherwise – you’re out with Lance Bass in public…chances are decent someone will want a picture.

  • ben dover

    what? a guy dating a celeb can’t get mad in public? what can’t he handle? being harassed by fucking paps?

    paparazzi need to all be taken out and shot. every last one of them needs to die in pain. they make me embarrassed to be human, not unlike a lot of these idiotic comments.

  • Ousslander

    @ben dover: Please he’s an actor. If he can’t handle small amount of this what’s he going to do when he get success. Silly not going to happen.

    Thank you ben for injecting such rAtional thinking into this thread.

  • Cam

    What the fuck is that douche wearing?!!?

  • jjm16

    i think those brown shoes are Fffierce, though. perfect balance of casual and casual chic.

  • jjm16

    yuck to those jeans from two years ago, though.

  • I Pliss

    pic #5 reminds me of the a lesbian I thought he was! lol I guess hide the facial hair and you see drag king! lol

  • Eddie Beale

    I’ve known Ryan for several years now and he has never been “kind of a dick” at all. He is a decent guy trying to work like everyone else. If that picture is at all what it purports to be (and there is no way to tell that,) my guess is that they were provoked.
    But,I guess we should hate him automatically because he knows Lance.

  • Not yours

    Ryan’s real last name is not Young. He is originally from IL and is a nice guy (at least he used to be!).

  • Matt

    Lance was in Shadow Lounge on Thursday, don’t remember seeing the other guy. Nobody recognised him at first and he was just having a good time on the dancefloor with his friends. Waited for a cab with everybody else when it shut soon after…

  • Nick

    That’s Charlie David from Dante’s Cove. A really campy gay tv series that didn’t last very long.

  • Adam

    Such hate. He’s a decent, nice guy. Jealousy is such a bitch.

  • declanto

    Love the pathos of #6, half-assed drunk melodramatic queenslife. Filming???

  • declanto

    This is such an all-out dishing session! And notice that NObody’s used the Thumb-buttons! How refreshingly gay.

  • olen

    all I have to say is “NICE SCARF, MARY!”

  • Spike

    Anyone dude the hooks up with Lance is one degree of separation from Reichen. ICK!


    Who is this person? Is this the one who didn’t make it as big as Justin Timberlake so he outed himself for publicity to stay relevant, because he doesn’t actually have any talent?


    If so. Honey, ditch the douche’ It’s obvious he’s a train wreck in the making. This man really knows how to pick em!

  • David C

    1. LB is looking good. I still don’t think I’d hit it, but definitely better.
    2. The gentleman-friends is cute but clearly not suited for paparazzi.
    3. How did this thread get resurrected almost a year and half after it was posted?

  • scribe

    @amazingpenis: I agree. Guys taking photos say really bad things because they want people to do things that they can film. Good for lance to have someone tough enough to stand up for himself. As for lance, I have said this before on this site, not a fan, but he is hot. I still don’t get the hate most queers on this site throw towards him.

  • Mykey

    @stevenelliot: @rhydderch: do you consider that they may not be into anal, a growing number of gay/[email protected] men exist that don’t do that.
    BTW, both guys look hot! Very masculine, nice jeans and shirts

  • Sam

    The guy he’s with is named Ryan and he’s just a friend of Lance’s. Ryan is always been a super sweet guy. The Pap’s jacked him in the head with a camera and he was pissed. Give the poor guy a break before some of you jealous Queens judge, he’s one of the most genuinely sweet and handsome guys I’ve ever met.

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