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  • boring

    Attention Americans who decided to use “Ginger” approximately 3 years ago who never said it previously: You are not interesting, drop the manufactured affectation, fucking stop it.

  • parker

    I’ve always wondered why people who have red hair are called gingers. After all, ginger is not red. Okay, pickled ginger in a sushi bar is a pretty pink but it’s not red. Why are they not called paprikas or even cinnamons?

    I hear they have no souls so it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

  • KyCUBE

    @DickGreenleaf: @DickGreenleaf: Perhaps you should read up on things before you start overreacting.

    The Stoli that is distributed to the USA and all other countries except Russia is manufactured and shipped out of Latvia, NOT Russia.

    Stoli that is distributed and manufactured in Russia is made by an entirely separate company located in Russia. The only way to get Russian Stoli is to be in Russia.

  • DickGreenleaf

    @ KyCUBE Another Stoli posting and you cannot post responses. Even my post here is now missing. Somebody who is making money does not want an anti-Stoli message posted

  • doug105

    Lucy was a bit before my time though I loved what I saw just can’t believe no one said Carol Burnett.

  • DickGreenleaf

    @KyCUBE, while Stoli is bottled in Latvia, ii is made from grain grown in Russia. Stoli employs 600 people in Russia. The water comes from Latvia.

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