PHOTOS: Olympic Stallion Danell Leyva Likes To Send Sexy Self-Pics (Praise Jesus!)

MORNING GOODS: No, these aren’t the latest uploads from Guys with iPhones. It’s Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva, who—as we know—doesn’t have a real problem with posing for naughty photos. (And for that, we thank Athena and all the Olympic gods.)

Deadspin says they come from a woman that claims she got “played” by the 20-year-old Adonis. (Lucky bitch.) Apparently there are some more risque ones that might appear soon. Oh dear God we need to sit down.

Photos: Deadspin

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  • Brandon

    The guy’s an Adonis. Hope he does well in his individual competitions. He deserves a Gold Medal for looks alone.

  • Larkin

    @Brandon: ewww.

  • mdthom

    @Brandon: I agree.

  • MJ (different from the other one)

    Larkin has no idea what he’s talking about.

    that boy is one sexy fucker. and we’re both just a couple of months apart in age. If he is gay, you know what I’m gonna do then

  • Daez

    I’m a size queen, and this boy just does not measure up in that department.

    Also, there are many hot guys, most hotter than this that have the personality to match, and since you have no clue what he did to this woman it is a little early to say stupid shit like “lucky bitch” isn’t it?

  • NateB79

    I know tastes vary, but there is nothing about this boy that warrants an “ewwww” if he’s not your type, fine. But surely you can appreciate why a lot of people would find him smokin’ hot. Personally I think every bit of him looks delicious and looks like he’s doing ok in those BOSS boxer briefs also.

  • Brandon

    I believe there are “eww” trolls (or maybe just one sad sack) all over the internet. It doesn’t matter if the guy is David Beckham and George Clooney combined, it’s still “ewww”. Would be kind of weird to be that person, and that’s your schtick. Ewww.

  • hf2hvit

    Wonder how he afforda all the razor blades??? I’d rather see him natural

  • NateB79

    @hf2hvit: Corporate sponsorship.

  • Daez

    @NateB79: If you think that he is doing “ok” then you must have bought into it all those times someone told you they had 9″ when they only had 5″. You really need to learn how to measure. It is a kindergarten skill, you should go back there maybe.


    H o o o o o , man he got me wet in my pents. .

  • tjr101

    He’s very hot but I fear that as a gymnast he may be shorter than I am and I’m not that tall myself lol

  • scott ny'er

    maybe he’s a grower not a shower. Anyway, he is one hot Latino. I would like to see how he looks with hair on his chest.

  • Johnny

    wish he was hairy

  • Dame

    These guys are 5’4″ average…

  • mc

    On several websites like ESPN he’s listed as 5’7″ 161 pounds and 20 years old.

    Also it never fails when Queerty posts a picture of a hot guy, someone inevitably complains as if anyone is forcing them to look.

  • NateB79

    @Daez: Maybe some of us are a top and couldn’t care less how big it is. I fail to see how by not needing to be screwed with something akin to a third leg, it brings my intelligence into question. It just means that I don’t care how big it is, not that I need a refresher in basic mathematics.

  • Eric

    Sorry to break it to you guys, but I did the calculations on his hardon in pic 9. Figuring the the Hugo Boss band is 1 1/4″ like mine it makes him 4 3/4″.

  • JKB

    Who the fuck is he sending these pics too??! Whoever it is, they’re a bitch!!

  • mattsy

    not a hair on her!!!

  • Roxorz

    I think he is hot but… There is a YouTube video of him shaving his head with friends and not to stereotype but he is far from masculine… Combined with the fact that he is a gymnast and a narcissist… I have a hard time believing he’s playing for team vag!

  • Dagrlzrd

    HEY DAZE AKA DAEZ!!! Get over yourself Bitch. Why you have to be so mean??? Jealous much??? I just don’t get this whole manscaping craze. Chris Evans in The Fantastic 4!OMG!!! No matter how you slice them,I am with Eartha Kitt when she sings I love men.Oops there I go dating myself.I guess sex doesn’t get any safer than that. And any Gay man worth his salt knows that just by looking at a mans package soft you can guess on the erect size.Danell’s soft package looked to me to be at LEAST 4″ soft so we are looking at a good 8″ hard.That’s enough to curl my toes. If I ever get so used up and stretched out that I proclaim myself to be a size queen(in public?!)Well then pack me off to the home or bury me in the backyard. Put a fork in me baby cause I’m done.On a more positive note,I have never really been into sports,but the skill and dedication involved in Gymnastics certainly has my respect.

  • Dagrlzrd

    WOW! NateB79.I got a boner just reading your response about being a top and not needing to brush up on your math skills.That says to me that you are an intelligent forceful man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it.YUM!!!

  • Joshua

    Well i think he’s gorgeous, all about the motion here. I think he could’ve waited till after these games. Not complaining.. everyone knows when you send there’s no more privacy! What he does personally is not the Olympic commitee’s business.. Even this precum that’s so clearly going on here. Time and place for everthing! Danell can get in my bed, end of story. Hope this is just forgotten he’s talented.

  • JP

    Oh my, this guy is effin’ hot. I am really hoping that he is on team pink.

  • cray-cray

    @Daez: he hasn’t small dick, the fact is it’s not having an erection at the moment

  • dvlaries

    He’s hot, but the pictures are shitty quality. If he’s going to do this while he’s young and worth seeing undraped, he should get himself to a reliable professional.

  • Evan

    He should grow out the body hair. He clearly has it. He’s sexy but he’d be DAMN sexy if he let the body hair grow =)

  • Lyceius

    @Dagrlzrd: “If I ever get so used up and stretched out that I proclaim myself to be a size queen(in public?!)Well then pack me off to the home or bury me in the backyard. Put a fork in me baby cause I’m done”


  • londonbridge

    Hung like a Honey Bee. Too bad.

  • MJ (different from the other one)

    *in my Bill voice* Danell is mine!!

  • Gigi

    I just love reading the bitchy comments from you keyboard trolls and self-professed size queens. Like any of you would have a chance in hell of scoring this fine man. I’ve had as hot if not better, which is perhaps why I find your comments so amusing.

  • Urethra Franklin

    Delicious; those sexy full lips, chocolate brown eyes, dark hairy body(though he shaves)

  • Tony

    Damn that’s hot. Looks thick!

  • jackndc

    Looks like a future Congressional career ahead for him.

  • Larry

    queerty is populated with jealous little bitchy queens…I would love for these jerks to post their own photos next to their bitch comments

  • Tony

    @Johnny: He is. He just clippers and shaves like crazy. Look at his forearms and legs!

  • Ken

    Another reason to open up Cuba to the U S

  • Ken

    I give him the Gold

  • curt

    I thought he was gay. He or at least john Orozco. Sure he didn’t send these pics to a guy?

  • Daez

    @NateB79: Then maybe you should have said, I do not care how big his dick is, I think he is hot anyways instead. I’m also a top with the vast majority of partners, but I like to have something to grab onto. What does being a top have to do with not liking your men well hung?

  • Daez

    @Gigi: I find your comments so amusing because you believe how hot someone is actually matters. Give me a great guy with a good personality over a guy that looks like this but is more in love with himself than with anyone else ANY DAY. You keep screwing your good looking guys till your looks run out and then you can be a troll at the bath house because you never took the time to meet a decent guy.

    Not that there are not hot guys that have great personalities, but they normally do not manage to piss their woman off to the point that she is posting semi-nude and nude pictures of them online.

    TL;DR: Sure he is hot, I never denied that. However, lots of guys are hot, but there are plenty of hot guys that aren’t assholes. This guy does not seem to fit that bill.

  • Dagrlzrd

    @Gigi: KEYBOARD TROLLS??? I am 6′ 170lbs Brown hair and green blue eyes.over the years I have been with men that were so hot that I dropped to my knees and thanked the Goddess for my life.I have been with the same man since 1989 and he is a cute furry little elf with blond hair and ice blue eyes. So suck on that, you presumptuous judgmental person!!! It is beyond my ken that people feel the need to be mean and put others down,just to feel better about themselves. It is one thing to read a person in the time honored tradition of us Queers.It is quite another to be vicious and hateful.

  • Frank

    He’s hot…I’d do him… not quite sure he’s relationship material

  • Nikki H

    OMG. That sexy guy is so hot.

  • starlite auto theatre

    Those are seriously sexy photographs. Danell Leyva makes me long for the days the athletes competed in the nude.

  • James

    He can defy gravity with his strength and grace. Isn’t that enough? (It’s fantastic to watch him compete)

  • Rockery


    That’s the gymastic teams only negative. They are SO SHORT, probably from training so young. But I can overlook it in his case, he is HOT

  • Rockery

    Oh just saw the rest, Mr Gonzalez is not working with much down there, hopefully (for his sake he was completely flaccid) but I doubt it. Nice ass though.

  • Anthony

    Size queen or not, you should know that you cannot judge a man’s penis by the size of his flaccid penis. He’s Cuban, so you know he should be packin’.

  • Jim H.

    He’s certainly good-looking, but way too Jersey Shore for my liking.

  • franklinajohnson


  • shannon



    @shannon: You are just another motherfucker bloody Christian. But no to worry! time will come and your kind will be exterminated in concentration camp fucking Christian.

  • jack

    He is hot but not nearly as hot as Jake Dalton.

  • David K

    As long as I have a face he has a place to sit….

  • xyrem

    @hf2hvit: yeah, I’d like him hairy too x

  • Butch Jerome

    Danell! I want your HOT, HOT body!

  • Dagrlzrd

    I thought Queerty was an online rag for us Queers??? So whats up with the all the effing FISH and so called Christians??? I don’t go to the Christian Science Monitor looking for cock.Nor do I haunt right wing religious web sites or churches where I am OBVIOUSLY NOT WELCOME!!!!! Danell and all the other Gymnasts are awesome. And Danell is one amazingly sweet bit of man candy.

  • Dagrlzrd

    I thought Queerty was an online rag for us Queers??? So whats up with the all the effing FISH and so called Christians??? I don’t go to the Christian Science Monitor looking for men or to criticize their content?Nor do I haunt right wing religious web sites or churches where I am OBVIOUSLY NOT WELCOME!!!!! Danell and all the other Gymnasts are awesome. And Danell is one amazingly sweet bit of man candy.

  • prettygirls

    Is he gay or bisexual? Only crazy bitches lust after str8 dick.

  • Dagrlzrd

    @prettygirls:Excuse me Miss Thing!!! Just because I find a man aesthetically pleasing does not mean that I am lusting after him.I am not into Breeders anyway. I prefer Gay men, you don’t have to get them drunk or work too hard and they don’t freak out in the morning.

  • norm

    what wrong with that, he got lips that you want to kiss all day long, and a gorgeous body to die for. so let him do what he want to do.

  • prettygirls

    @Dagrlzrd: Sweetie you seem mighty defensive and save the shade for another bitch because no where in my post did I mention YOUR name.

  • curt

    Is he at least bi or gay? If not why worship him if he would be disgusted by queens drooling over him? That’s a turn on?

  • Dagrlzrd

    @prettygirls: Yes I am defensive of myself and MY peeps. After over four decades of discrimination, judgment and condemnation. I have earned the right to defend myself and others from obvious slurs. Thank you very much!!!

  • Sam Glass Jr.

    He may be cute, but there’s not a lot going on upstairs, is there? WHEN will straight boys ever figure out that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…who ALSO has an iPhone and unlimited access to social media?

  • Simon

    The shaving is… just not necessary… and the chalk on his hands in one pic is quite humorous… but still… *drool*

  • NoHoInTO

    He’s sexy as fuck and although I’m a bit of a size guy, I’d totally do him top or bottom. Watched him perform today,first time I heard of him…thought for sure he was on our team. Great tongue too, btw. These are more akin to GRINDR pics, yeah, he’s gay.

  • darris wilson jr

    Love everything about u

  • mauricio

    this guy is so sexy…no wonder i luv cuban men

  • Basch

    ewewew shaved chests where you can see the little stubbles are so gross. Be a man, brooo.

  • Funguyonthego

    I wonder if his Dad shaves his bush, too?! ; )

  • curt

    I see people ignoring the fact if he’s gay or at least bi…. Does anyone know?

  • NoHoInTO

    @ DavidK, Lol, that’s funny man. And yeah, I’d make my face a seat for him anytime as well.


    What can we say? he is, so WOW and very NOT!! gay.

  • pscheck2

    O.K. so he is Hot! Nothing too revealing about any of these photos. Some are concerned about his appendage using various measuring ‘criteria’ to come to some idea as to its size. The most ‘revealing’ one could be just after he wanged it and quickly stuffed it in the band~ or thinking about that little trick he had the night before (or the one who is at the door that very moment (ha). In any event, the one who will benefit most from the photos is the guy (or girl)in bed with him now!

  • Ed

    He is not a grower, you can tell he is fully erect, if you want to argue otherwise than you’re just a blind fan boy. There is nothing wrong with it because its not like he is small, he’s obviously just average. And growers aren’t that size when they are flaccid either, so that’s completely wrong. Anyways, if you’ve ever seen any of his interviews you’d see he is clearly a powerbottom so it doesn’t even matter. Any lucky guy that is about to tap that has to only worry about that magnificent ass and his amazing flexibility.

  • dderr

    @78 well said he is most def a power bottom with little dick..but i would love to have that ass

  • DB

    Take a closer look… Is that a cucumber between his legs on pic #9? The bedding is all white with nothing green in sight. What’s up with THAT???? Just making sure my eyes aren’t playing tricks. Very interesting…

  • handsomejerk09

    i really want him to be the model for my painting… heheheh

  • jack

    Leyva is a poor man’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • NoCagada

    @Johnny: He’s WAXED!

  • ScottOnEarth

    The usual bitchy, bitter queens in here, criticizing someone they would have NO chance of getting together with. Losers.

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