PHOTOS: Out Boxer Orlando Cruz Weds Partner, Posts Honeymoon Pics

996972_588928077842565_726036449_nOrlando Cruz has made sports history again. The 31-year-old featherweight is not only the first professional boxer to come out as gay, he’s also the first to wed his same-sex partner.

The Puerto Rico native tied the marriage knot with longtime boyfriend José Manuel Colón in New York’s Central Park November 16. Cruz proposed to his new hubby last August in the most public way imaginable — by posting a video on his Facebook page.

The morning after, Cruz posted a pair of selfies (doublies?) of the newlyweds along with a note written in Spanish on his Facebook page that read (wobbly translation by Bing):

Good Morning people, giving thanks to my divine father for another day in my life and in the of my now husband Jose Manuel. Thanks to all those people who with their good vibes I decean good and not evil as many but all I leave in the hands of my father divine, my family mu beautiful mother I love you always for being my. The wedding was a success thanks to my pal and friend Pedro Julio Serrano and Shirley Casiano thank you for seeing you and to have you to the bone event my wedding want a dtlb Jet. I say goodbye for a while lol Orlando Cruz and now my husband Jose Manuel.





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  • Rockery


    Not being ageist, but his husband looks much better in the pictures at the bottom. In the first picture, my honest reaction was that he looked like his old uncle

  • jwtraveler

    Look world! Not all gay men are white Castro/Chelsea/WeHo clones!, And here’s a gay athlete with real courage: coming out while still active in the most macho of sports, where he is actually taking a risk, unlike Dave Kopay, Greg Louganis, John Amaechi, who waited until after they retired and then came out so they could cash in. I don’t like boxing, but I’m a big fan of Orlando Cruz. And he’s cute too; look at that smile!

  • lickety splitz

    @Rockery: Please don’t apply heterosexual norms that couples have to be close in age. Gays deserve better than to adopt these restrictive rules into their lives.

  • Aires the Ram

    @Rockery: Newsflash!! If you begin your post by saying, “I’m not being ageist, BUT..” then you’re being ageist. Stop it.

  • 2eo

    Not being c*ntist.. but @Rockery: and his post meet the criteria.

  • jwtraveler

    @Rockery: Rockery, I assume that you are gay, and like all gay people you want your life, choices and relationships respected by others. Shouldn’t you apply these same standards to yourself? Two people love each other. What else matters?

  • KDub

    @lickety splitz: How is dating close in age a “hetero norm”? Heteros do old/younger all the time too, and it’s just as creepy when they do it.

  • Rockery


    My boyfriend is gay :) I didn’t think my comment was disrespectful at all, I think most people felt the same way. I have no problem with this, I dated a guy who was much older than I was before. I don’t think it’s a problem to acknowledge the (obvious) fact when someone looks/is much older.


    Please stop riding my dick. If such a benign comment evoked that rage, seek therapy about how to deal with being washed up

  • leNolaBoy


    I believe the point @lickety splitz was making is not that heteros don’t do it but that others often consider it to be “not within the norm” when they do, and that gay people shouldn’t fall prey to such limitations on legitimately loving one another.

    In short, two consenting adults who love each other are not creepy.

  • Kangol

    Congratulations to both of them, and I am wishing them a long, happy life together!

  • Degas

    I’m not being judgmental, but they look really happy and in love. I neither like when people acknowledge the obvious fact that my spouse is ten years older than I am, nor that he is of a different race, or of the same sex, and of a different culture.

  • KDub

    @leNolaBoy: You’re entitled to your opinion, but if he’s old enough to be your dad or grandfather, most folks will view it as creepy (and probably a little stereotypical too).

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