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It’s no real surprise that T–mp (we’re so sick of using his full name) didn’t give so much as a nod in the direction of the LGBTQ community in his State of the Propaganda speech on Tuesday. Those immigrants weren’t going to degrade themselves, so it’s understandable the president didn’t have any time left over for a community he’s vowed to protect, while systematically dismantling the rights of.

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.), however, who delivered the official opposition party response, did briefly mention gay people. Sort of.

Read the below passage from his defiant speech:

This administration isn’t just targeting the laws that protect us — they are targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection. For them, dignity isn’t something you’re born with but something you measure. By your net worth, your celebrity, your headlines, your crowd size. Not to mention, the gender of your spouse. The country of your birth. The color of your skin. The God of your prayers. Their record is a rebuke of our highest American ideal: the belief that we are all worthy, we are all equal and we all count. In the eyes of our law and our leaders, our God and our government. That is the American promise.

The overall tenor of Kennedy’s speech was distinctly anti-Tr–p, and more than a few pundits agreed he was the wrong person to be making that argument.

What do you think? Are the Dems making a mistake promoting yet another dynasty (the speech was polarizing among liberals) or does Kennedy stand a chance of rising as a leader of the resistance?

Here, maybe this dive into his Instagram will help you research your stance:

Added my signature to the next USS John F. Kennedy. #JFKCVN79

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