PHOTOS: The White Party Revisited—With J-Lo, Robyn, Ke$ha, And More!


PHOTOS: The White Party in Palm Springs is one of the largest circuit parties in the world—a weekend of hot dudes, hot sun, celebrity guests, DJs, visuals, music and more. It’s also seen its share of pop superstars, including Lady Gaga, Robyn, Jennifer Lopez (above), Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Mary J. Blige.

With this year’s White Party almost upon us, we thought we’d take a look at some of the folks (famous and otherwise) who have helped make the event such a success all these years. And remember to check back here on March 1, when we announce this year’s superstar performer.

The 2013 White Party is March 29 to March 31. Tickets are on sale now!

Photos: Phil Lobel/Lobeline Communications


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump









Jeffrey Sanker Presents 2011 White Party Palm Springs Featuring Robyn



Charo with White Party producer Jeffrey Sanker (far right) posing for the No H8 campaign




Jeffrey Sanker Presents 2011 White Party Palm Springs Featuring Robyn

Reichen Lehmkuhl




Porn star Johnny Hazzard (left)





Kandi.Chi Chi Larue.Kim Zolciak

Porn director Chi Chi LaRue (center) with The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Jeffrey Sanker.Kesha

Sanker with Ke$ha









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  • balehead

    They look look like a lot of fun..But please don’t say it’s about supporting Aids and Aids prevention….otherwise White parties look like the most shallow/corrupt charities ever…

  • Sam

    Agree with balehead. The stars have gotten amazing, but these are the worst expression of the Circuit Parties that are ascending again – the taut and tanned and poor social climbers spending their rent money to keep up with the doctors/lawyers/management consultants for a methed out, G-d party with every muscle-head at Golds Castro that made your life miserable. I don’t besmirch this expression of our community and don’t get me wrong – the parties are of a Fierce that does gay proud. Signorile’s book Life Outside strips away the glossy veneer to show the quite sad lives and pressure these parties have put on our community. So LA.

  • Spike

    Nurse is still rocking it while Reichen has clearly hit the wall.

    Great memories of WPPS past but over it and can’t imagine the ‘recovery’ that follows that weekend. No thanks.

  • mpwaite

    I know what you mean. I was a circuit boy from 95-2000; talk about empty feelings and wallet. LOL> It was fun and I met some of the nicest guys from all over the world, and we are still friends that vacation with each other, of course minus the party atmosphere, however,there are B*tchy B*tchy self-centered little queens and over-steroided muscle heads who go overboard and don’t know what the word “moderation” means, BUT, to lump all circuit boys in one category is NOT fair. Believe it or not, there were some that were in control of their partying and that take care of each other; not everyone is a Hot Mess…
    Would I do it again? Maybe, but with a better understanding of my limitations.. AND I WOULD EAT!!! Having the perfect body is NOT what a gay life should be about. Now, I do agree with Sam and Balehead in that there are those circuit boys that use their rent money; car payments; student loan money to keep up with the ones who can afford to live the life (so to speak)…

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