Pittsburgh Politico Calls Out Kern

Uh-oh! Anti-gay politico Sally Kern better watch her be-hind, because she’s made an enemy out of Douglas A. Shields!

Who, you ask, is Douglas A. Shields? Only the most important, powerful man in all of Pittsburgh: the president of the city’s council! And now he’s turned his epistolary wrath on Kern:

I was thoroughly disgusted by what you had to say and astonished that someone who presumably took an oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the laws of this nation would espouse hateful, bigoted and un-American views.

As the President of the Council of the City of Pittsburgh, I require an apology from you for your senseless, mean spirited attack…

Shields rightly acknowledges it will take a miracle Kern to apologize, but we’re hoping his righteous demands move the hand of God. He is, after all, omnipotent.