Darren Criss’ New Boyfriend, One Direction’s Gay Kiss Moment, Hillary Clinton Tweets & More!


Noted gaybaiter Harry Styles stole a kiss from bromancee Zayn Malik — and as long as we’re making up words, “Zarry” — in the ad for One Direction‘s new fragrance, “Our Moment.” Zayn, as always, plays hard to get…without the “to get” part.


Hillary Clinton joined the Twitter this week, featuring the greatest bio in under 160 characters, and leading to speculation of a 2016 presidential run.

Amanda Bynes is secretly an evil genius. At least that’s the takeaway from alleged texts sent by the professional Troubled Actress claiming she’s just been acting as part of some elaborate scheme that will be revealed in the near future.

Kanye West‘s Yeezus sprung one today, causing the Interwebs to explode.


– We knew Blaine liked ’em young, what with Kurt’s cherubic face and all, but this is just robbing the cradle then burning it down to the ground. We joke, we kid — this lucky 8-year-old baby gay got to meet his “boyfriend” Darren Criss, sadly reminding us of our youth and never getting to meet Zack Morris. But at least there’s still hope.

– A man is claiming to be the ghostwriter behind George Takei‘s Facebook jokes, a job we’ve been trying to get for ages.

– Raptress and all-around HBIC Azealia Banks tweeted her excitement at being on the soundtrack of The Bling Ring, probably after seeing this fan-made video of Emma Watson hard at twerk to “212”:

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