Ryan Gosling’s Arms, Cher’s Mugshot, Reese Witherspoon’s Epic Arrest Video & More!


Hey girl.

98 Degrees is back, y’all!

cher-mugshot– Remember that time Cher got arrested at 13? Rumor has it, she killed a man with a sequined feather headdress then used his carcass as the mask for Mask.

SNL‘s Kate McKinnon has joined the cast of lezzy buddy comedy, Life Partners, starring Community‘s Gillian Jacobs and Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester. This movie’s getting better everyday.

– Gay trekkies rejoice: you can now support marriage equality in Klingon.

-Meanwhile, other nerds, shield your eyes from this bummer of a spoiler from the upcoming Man of Steel.

Chris Brown is charging fans $100 to hang out with him for his birthday. That seems a lot to get physically and/or sexually assaulted and/or arrested. Unless all those things happen, then you’ve got yourself quite the deal.

Nicki v. Mimi, Round 382.

Lindsay Lohan has finally checked into rehab meaning the streets are safe to walk for pedestrians and paparazzi once again.

– Now a Reese Witherspoon arrest round-up: A. this.

– B. Reese pleaded no contest to her charges and was fined $213, while her husband got off not-so scot-free.

– And C. The actual video of Reese getting arrested is AMAZING. We haven’t enjoyed her on-screen this much since Election: