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Popes vs. hitmen, singers vs. bombshells: If Queerty picked the Oscar nominations

L to R: 'Booksmart,' 'Pain & Glory,' 'US'

Hollywood wakes up early this Monday, January 13 in anticipation of Academy Award nominations, as the final stretch run of trophy season arrives at last.

This year has seen a decided decrease in the number of LGBTQ-themed films, which frustrates us to no end. That said, we did enjoy some great times at the cinema, and hope to see our favorite movies get a little love.

Just to be clear, we're not really making predictions. This is our wish list of what might land on the Oscar roster, in our perfect Queerty world.

These performances won us over this year with cunning, surprise, and passion. Voting hasn’t ended yet, so Academy members if you’re reading this, we humbly submit these names for your consideration.

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Best Supporting Actress


  • Laura Dern, Marriage Story
  • Ana de Armas, Knives Out
  • Penelope Cruz, Pain & Glory
  • Billie Lourd, Booksmart
  • Jodie Turner-Smith, Queen & Slim

Supporting women have had a weak year. We should pause here to point out a ridiculous & frustrating dimension of the Oscars, or any acting award: what constitutes a leading vs. supporting performance? Turner-Smith gives a smashing debut performance in Queen & Slim, and while she’s definitely the film’s leading lady, scene-for-scene hers could be considered a supporting performance. Ditto de Armas, who actually carries the emotional load of Knives Out, more so than her better-known costars. Lourd steals Booksmart with her hilarious, often improvised performance. Cruz, in a minor but pivotal role, casts a long shadow in Pain & Glory. The lock for the nomination, however, is Dern, who gave three magnificent supporting turns this year (the other two being in JT LeRoy and Little Women). Bet on her to win, folks.

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