Portland Timbers Fans Squash Homophobia With Giant Rainbow Flag During Gameplay

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 4.22.06 PMWe’ve spent all this time speculating about the next professional gay athlete and how they’ll be received by fellow teammates, we hadn’t even thought about which team’s fan base may be the most progressive and accepting.

Well, fans of the Portland Timbers have already beat us to the punch. In a demonstration independently planned by Timbers fans, a large section of the soccer team’s home stadium was lit up with the colors of the rainbow this weekend, accompanied by a banner reading “Pride not Prejudice.”

The outpouring of acceptance comes less than a month after Timbers player Will Johnson was verbally attacked with a gay slur for the second time on the playing field.

Too bad openly gay player Robbie Rogers is tied up with LA Galaxy—it looks like he already has a few fans in the Timbers stands!