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‘Post Office Courtney’ destroys homophobes on Twitter, and it’s awesome

Via Twitter

Meet Courtney, the social media maven of the United Kingdom’s post office. Fed up with postal customers attacking the office for celebrating pride month, she issued a very public smackdown to homophobes on Twitter.

It started on June 28, when Twitter user @jamesmc13123269 referred to a postal employee as a “degenerate.” The employee, named Emma, appeared in a short video posted to the social media platform talking about her coming out and the importance of the LGBTQ community.

Do you honestly think it’s okay to speak about my colleague like that?,” Courtney responded. “Your comment is absolutely disgusting. You don’t know Emma personally to even comment on the type of woman she is, so please don’t respond unless you have something positive to say – Courtney.”

It didn’t stop there. Another user made a tired “Adam and Steve” remark, which invited another rebuttal from the postal maven.

How original, I’ve never heard that one before,” Courtney tweeted. “What’s so creepy about a human being falling in love with someone of the same sex? The LGBTQ+ community are no different to straight people, there shouldn’t be an issue.”

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“This is the issue, Ged,” Courtney went on. “This is why we have to support the LGBTQ+ community. Same sex couples aren’t weird, they’re the same as you and I, they just happen to love someone of the same sex; that’s the only difference.

Other Brits began to take notice of Courtney’s spunk, and thanked her for pushing back against homophobes.

“Courtney and Emma are both absolute legends and I support them both wholeheartedly!” said user @Sp00kyDuck.

“I hope Courtney from @PostOffice goes home today knowing her presence online today speaking and supporting LGBT+ people has made us very happy and she is an awesome person. Even if she has had hundreds of trolls attack and slander her for supporting us a community I hope she goes home happy and knowing she is a legend in our eyes,” user @timmycaunce said over a series of tweets.

Frankly, we sure hope the US Postal Service has this kind of spirited queer employee on hand. Courtney deserves a commemorative stamp.

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