Prevage: All The Rage


The Holidays got your skin looking like great-grandma’s heiney? Well, the ladies in LA have been all abuzz recently over a new over-the-counter product called Prevage. A new partnership with cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden and pharmaceutical company Allergen has brought Prevage out of the doctor’s office and onto the store shelves.

What can this magic in a bottle do for you?

Prevage is a treatment that does it all. It contains Idebenone, a highly effective antioxidant that alters the chain reaction that can result in visible signs of aging. Prevage also helps to re-energize skin, resulting in a firmer, less lined, smooth look. Tests show that Prevage helps to even skin tone, increase firmness, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and brighten the skin.

But does it work? Well, we certainly can’t afford the stuff (150 bucks for less than two ounces) but we overheard at least four rich wrinkle-free fortysomething ladies in LA raving about Prevage and if anyone would know it would be those bitches.

Prevage [Official Site]