Probing Booted BP Gay, Lord John Browne

Even Portfolio can’t resist a good sex scandal. Conde Nast’s business-centric glossy delves deep into one of our favorite recent gay sex scandal: British Petroleum chief executive Lord John Browne, his Canadian hooker lover, Jeff Chevalier and Browne’s consequential resignation.

The lengthy piece doesn’t offer any personal explanation from Browne, who resigned in January after lying about his relationship with Chevalier – lies he spun ostensibly to protect the mammoth company’s secrets.

Journo Mimi Swartz does, however, provide a few bits you may have missed. For example, did you know that the site on which Browne met Chevalier, goes by the name “Suited and Booted”? Sexy.

We wonder if now that he’s retired, Browne will cruising on over to sugar daddy site, Gay Arrangement.