Barney Frank Would Be Proud

‘Project Runway’ Employs Lesbian Model

Just when you thought Project Runway couldn’t get any more gay, an eagle-eyed reader passed on news that one of the Bravo show’s living mannequins likes the ladie! Model Marie’s MySpace page lists her as a proud lesbian. Who says dykes can’t be pretty?

Before you girls get your hopes up, we have to tell you Ms. Marie’s in a relationship. Sorry. If you’re not too heart-broken to read on, here’s what Marie shared with Bravo’s Project Runway website:

Marie was born Ashley Marie in Katy, Texas. Growing up, she knew she was destined for bigger things and after high school moved to New York to study at the Joffrey Ballet School. While pursuing her ballet career, she found herself drawn to the modeling industry and what started as a side job, eventually led her to model full-time. She loves traveling the world, surfing, scuba diving, and spending time with family and friends. Marie currently lives in Miami where she studies Marine Science at the University of Miami.

A model ballet-dancer who scuba dives and likes the world?! We’re in lesbian love!