Wedding bells

Queen Elizabeth’s cousin got married over the weekend in first-ever gay royal wedding

Break out the commemorative tissues because the first-ever gay royal wedding happened over the weekend.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, third cousin to Queen Elizabeth II and the great-great-great grandson to Queen Victoria, became the first British Royal to publicly come out in 2016 when he revealed he’s bisexual.

At the same time, he introduced airline service cabin director James Coyle as his partner.

Now, after announcing plans to tie the knot earlier this summer, the guys finally made it official over the weekend in what is being described as a “low-key ceremony” with about 60 guests.

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The ceremony was held in the chapel of Mountbatten’s Bridewell Park country estate. 55-year-old Mountbatten was given away by his ex-wife, Penelope Thompson, to whom he was previously married for 16 years. Also present were their three children, Ella, Alix, and Luli.

No members of the royal family were in attendance, though Prince Edward and his wife Sophie had planned on being there before some scheduling issues arose.

The grooms wore matching velvet smoking jackets as they exchanged vows. Music for the event was provided by the famed gospel choir group Elysian Music UK.

The newlyweds’ next stop: A honeymoon in Greece or Croatia! Though they say they’re still working out the details.

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