Queering Sundance: What’s Gay At This Year’s Sundance Film Festival?


“Dol/First Birthday” (short)

Nick, a gay Korean-American living with his boyfriend in L.A. attends his nephew’s dol, a traditional Korean first birthday party, he finds himself yearning for a life just out of reach. “I made this film to come out to my parents,” says writer/director Andrew Ahn. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell them, to say the words, ‘I’m gay.’ So I cast my family in the film, but never told them that it was about a gay Korean-American man. The filmmaking process both distracted from and prepared me for the inevitable—that I would eventually have to show my parents the finished film.”

That’s a pretty ballsy move—but we guess it’d be hard for his parents to flip out with cameras rolling, right?