Queering Sundance: What’s Gay At This Year’s Sundance Film Festival?

Over the next week, Evan Mulvihill will be reporting on the best gay-interest screenings, parties and panels at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. (PS: Check in on our sister site, GayCities, if you’re going!) 

This year, there are more than 200 feature films screening at the Sundance Film Festival—and that’s not even counting the shorts! Many address LGBT themes, are helmed by gay directors or feature out actors and actresses.

One film getting a lot of advance notice, Ira Sachs’ Keep The Lights On (above) is drawing comparisons to last year’s critical hit Weekend: It also details a drug-fueled, sex-filled gay love story—though over the course of ten years, not 48 hours.

In the documentary corner, David France’s How to Survive a Plague details the emergence of groundbreaking AIDS activism, while Love Free Or Die (left) follows the story of gay bishop Gene Robinson, whose ordination is still causing shockwaves through the Episcopal church.

There’s a bunch of films with gay co-stars or queer undertones, from Young and Wild—lesbian director Marialy Rivas‘s look at a repressed young woman’s sexual evolution—to The Thing, an unconventional road-trip flick involving a transgender man’s journey to a strange roadside attraction.

If there’s any justice, these and many other Sundance films will appear at your local moviehouse—or at least in your NetFlix queue.

Are you eagerly awaiting one of these flicks or another Sundance selection? Unleash your inner Ebert in the comments.


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