Queerty Query: Heklina


Trannyshack, the legendary drag party from San Francisco, is coming to New York City for one night only on Thursday June 8th. A screening of the film Filthy Gorgeous: The Trannyshack Story will be followed by a NYC Trannyshack show featuring the talents of Scissor Sister Ana Matronic, Juanita More!, Sherry Vine, and of course Trannyshack’s founder Heklina. Heckles recently caught up with our Editor-At-Large Bradford Shellhammer to discuss the New York show, the film, and who she dreams of rimming.

What do you have in store for us New Yorkers at your upcoming show?
Well, it’ll be an assortment of Trannyshack alumni past and present, focusing more of course on ex-Trannyshackers who’ve moved to NYC and also some NYC names who played at the club.

Who’ll be performing with you?
Darcy Drollinger is helping me to promote and host the show, Sherry Vine will be appearing, Ana Matronic (doing a possible duet with Jake Shears), Juanita More!, Renttecca, Electro the Pop and Lock King, Vinsantos, Faux Pas, Tai Chi, Christy Love, Miss Trannyshack 2005 Coco Canal, and more…..

Tell me about the movie. How did it come about? What can we expect?
Over the course of the past ten years that Trannyshack has been going on for, umpteen hundred people have attempted to do films on the club, but no one has stuck it out and actually finished one until now! Sean Mullins and Deena Davenport spent an exhausting year (2002) documenting every show and interviewing almost everyone associated with Trannyshack, and I have to say it’s pretty comprehensive-they’ve done an amazing job.

You’re legendary in San Francisco for rimming audience members onstage. Who in the world do you most want to rim?
Oh God, where to begin? I would love to rim Clive Owens, Paul Walker, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, that guy who starred in the remake of the Amityville Horror, Chris Meloni, Ryan Gossling, almost every Jewish and Italian guy in NYC, any member of any NFL team, any man in a sailor suit, um…..OK, I’ll stop now.

After the jump Heklina tells us if she is flithier than Lady Bunny.


Do you think New Yorkers will understand your sense of humor?
I’m not sure-I just finished doing Midnight Mass there with Peaches Christ and the crowds were a bit difficult. Luckily, if they hate me at least they’ll like, Sherry, Juanita, Ana Matronic, etc……

Do you ever read blogs? If so, which ones?
Just mine.

Who has been your all-time favorite Trannyshack performer?
Oh no, don’t make me do that! No favorite performers, but my favorite PERFORMANCE was Basil Twist and Glamamore doing “Suspended in Gaffa” by Kate Bush, as a puppeteer and puppet-it was amazing, you had to be there. Wait, WERE you there?

You’ve had all the top queens perform at Trannyshack over the years. Who do you wish would take to the stage at the Stud who hasn’t yet?
Lady Miss Kier

Heklina. Where did you get a name like that?
I moved to San Francisco from Iceland, and there’s a volcano in Iceland named Hekla, so I took it from that for my first drag appearance in SF back in 1991, and it just stuck! So, Heklina means “Little Volcano” basically, but everyone thinks it means something different!

I miss San Francisco. How is the city these days?
You haven’t been gone THAT long! Still the same, homeless people and hippies…..and gays.

Who is filthier, you or Bunny?
Bunny’s act is filthier, but I’m filthier off-stage!

Any final words for The Gays?
Come to my show, I love the gay dollar!

Filthy Gorgeous: The Trannyshack Story plays Thursday June 8th at 10:15 at AMC Loews 34th St Theater 13 as part of NewFest 2006.

Trannyshack New York plays Thursday June 8th at The Slipper Room 167 Orchard St. – Doors at 10PM – Show at 12:30AM.