Queerty’s New Years Resolutions 2015: How Long Will They Last?

Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

How many people actually stick to that new gym membership or keep their promise to quit eating ice cream after 9 p.m.? Studies show that New Year’s resolutions last a week, at best.

And yet, every January 1, we continue to make grand declarations. Because you never know. Maybe this year will be different. Right?

Pour yourself another glass of bubbly and scroll down for our New Years resolutions…


Scott Gatz, GayCities, Inc., CEO:

Resolution #1: Put the phone down. I took a month off of social media this year just to stop myself from constantly looking at my phone. In 2015, I want to keep my social media accounts, but put my phone away when I’m with other people. It’s not that important to see those Buzzfeed cat posts!

Resolution #2: Run. I’ve fallen out of my regular running routine. In 2015 I’d like to get back to doing a 10k.

Resolution #3: Queerty has been the #1 LGBT news site (bigger than those old magazines & TV channels) for a while now, but not enough people know it. I promise to brag more in 2015 so more people will know. (I’m off to a good start here).

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Chris Bull, Queerty/GayCities Editorial Director:

jpegResolution #1: Finish reading Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy tract, The Human Condition. Despite writing my college thesis on the great book, I still have several hundred dense pages to try to figure out. (If you are reading this professor McCarthy, I’m sorry!)

Resolution #2: Delete Scruff profile to finish The Human Condition.

Resolution #3: Cancel NakedSword account to finally finish The Human Condition.



Jeremy Kinser, Queerty Managing Editor:

Resolution #1: Try to figure out why I need four email addresses.

Resolution #2: Either break up the Patrick-Kevin-Richie love triangle on HBO’s Looking or join in and make it a square.

Resolution #3: After reading #2, I might decide to watch less television.


Dan Tracer, Queerty staff writer:

Resolution #1: I resolve to learn how to walk properly in heels and finally unpack that last box in my closet…from when I moved in seven months ago.


Gabe Cooper, GayCities/Queerty Marketing, Content & Community:

Resolution #1: Get out more. I’m not a grandma yet, and there’s a whole world out there. It’s just so easy to slip into a glass of wine or hot cup of tea and Netflix at home.

Resolution #2: Stop clicking on Facebook sponsored content. It’s always disappointing and a complete waste of time. Which means I’m giving up facebook.

Resolution #3: Use my Instagram more. It’s rather fun, and doesn’t feel like as much of a waste of time as all the other social platforms because at least you end up with a cool picture at the end.


Graham Gremore, Queerty contributing writer:

Resolution #1: Figure out how to use my smartphone. I still don’t know how to check voicemail or edit my contacts.

Resolution #2: Learn how to make bread from scratch. I realize this makes me sound like a suburban housewife, but whatever. This has been a goal of mine for a while now. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried (and failed) at making homemade bread. Seriously, it’s way harder than you think!

Resolution #3: Lose those 10 pounds I said I was going to lose back in 2009.


Dan Renzi, Queerty contributing writer:

Resolution #1: Sleep more than 4 hours per night.

Resolution #2: Stop wondering what my exes are doing, because whatever it is it obviously does not involve me in any way.

Matt Baume, Queerty contributing writer:

Resolution #1: I’m planning to make better use of my Instagram by photographing and posting one sexy shirtless man every day. So far I’m off to a pretty good start!


Dave McMahon, GayCities & Queerty Marketing & Sales Associate:

Resolution #1:

Resolution #2: