QUESTION: What Do You Want From President Obama In His Second Term?

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We’re all coming down from the adrenaline rush of Election Night, and it’s got us thinking: We snagged Barack Obama for another go—so now what?

What do you want from President Obama in his second term?

Even the 90% of us who voted for him aren’t 100% happy with the job the President has done so far—whether it’s taking too long to “evolve” on marriage equality or dragging his feet in the Middle East. What should be Obama’s first order of business when he’s sworn into office again in January?

Should he use his political power to grease the wheels on repealing DOMA and passing ENDA? Increase resources for LGBT youth—or seniors?

Is it time to hunker down on the economy, which seems to ever-so-slowly be crawling toward recovery?

Did immigration not get the fair due it deserved during the campaign? Is health care or foreign policy more pressing?

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