Rachel Maddow And Fox News Outraged Over Obama’s Godless, Un-American Christmas Card

When Sarah Palin and Fox News railed on President Obama’s official White House Christmas card for featuring poinsettias, Obama’s dog Bo and gifts but no actual mention of Christmas, the Baby Jesus or “family, faith and freedom,” superb lesbian wonk Rachel Maddow made sure to point out that the photographs on Ronald Reagan and George Dubya Bush’s official White House Christmas cards had no Christmas trees or Nativity scenes either. Won’t anyone please think of the Baby Jesus this holiday season? Sniffle.

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  • GOD (gay old dude)

    Obama is an atheist posing as a Christian—he’s all but admitted this—so why anyone gets riled when he shows examples of this is beyond me.

  • JElder

    I’m confused why Rachel Maddow is lumped in with those who have issues with this Christmas Card…

    This is obviously satirical, so why is the title of this article so misleading? o.0

  • ~R~

    misleading title. personally, the Christmas card is nice. the problem here is that those opposed to Obama will latch onto anything to villify him… and this latest example just shows how desperate they are.

  • Cam

    @GOD (gay old dude): said…

    “”Obama is an atheist posing as a Christian—he’s all but admitted this”

    The typical right wing type of comment. Do you notice how there is never any link to prove what they are saying? They just say “Oh, he said this” or “Oh, he’s all but admitted this” but can never seem to show anybody WHERE that supposedly happened.

    As for the Card issue. It reminds me of a few years back when they were trying to claim that because somebody wasn’t wearing a flag pin on their suit they weren’t patriotic. I guess it’s easier than trying to find an actual policy issue to argue with them about.

    Just Curious, has Palin apologized for the almost $400,000 that the Alaskan election board Ethics investigation just said that she stole from her campaign and had to return?

  • Ken

    I like the card. However since Jesus wasn’t actually born on the 25th of December, his birth was proclaimed to be by the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine, there is really no reason to be upset.

  • stevoj

    i know i have posted about this before but have us guys and gals really lost the gift of sarcasm. the title is clearly in jest…

    honestly people. get that shit together

  • tjr101

    Oh right, we should always look at conservatives to lead the way of what is godly, patriotic and reflects family values, just look at Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. Perfect examples. *sarcasm*

  • redball

    @GOD (gay old dude): LOL u didnt even watch the clip b/c she clearly shows that many previous presidents had Xmas/holiday cards showing the same exact things as obama’s card. so this is no more an ‘example’ of obama’s theistic leanings than the other cards were for the previous presidents.

  • redball

    @JElder: well the card caused the whole thing so u could say she’s meta-outraged over the card (b/c she’s outraged over the outrage over the card)……………..

  • PTBoat

    @JElder: +1 One constantly wonders about some of the bizarre attacks from this site.

  • Elias Meeks

    Christmas Tree = Jesus?

    Wow, those Republicans sure have some pagan ideas.

  • ewe

    Why do people expect other people to decorate in their style?

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