Radical Homosexual Activists Hijack Valentine’s Day For Completely Selfish Reasons

My my, everyone around the world just had the great idea to turn Valentine’s Day into a marriage equality campaign stunt, didn’t they? That flash mob in Iowa, and a giant cake in Australia. Which is fitting, because after you stuff your face with all those simple sugars, you’re gonna need a create workout to burn things off.

And then look what those Chinese homos were doing!

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  • Chris

    I’ll be voting in favor of same sex marriage in Decembers ALP party conference :D

  • Andrew

    The UK, Australia, Finland, New York, Maryland and numerous smaller states and countries. This is going to be a great year for marriage equality if even half these places pass it.

  • Katie Murphy - all our family ex catholic

    I5ts also gooing to be agreat year for the catholic church, still living in the stone age.

    Hardly anyone goes to that decrepit, child molesting insitution any more in Europe. and virtually all of W, Europe has marriage equality or CUs for their gay population. Even the Primate of the Orthodox church of Greece has said he’ll support marriage for gays as long as the church is protected. That leaves Italy with the popes buddy Berlisconi facing jail for underage sex.

    Unfortunately America is so far behind. Maybe the world needs to boycott America until it changes.

    Latin America, tired of the church teaming with dictators etc now has marriage in Columbia, Argentina and Mexico. CUs in Uruguay, Equador, and most of Brazil. Peru, chile are prob next with CUs.

    Go to and to see the truth about the church.



  • WillBFair

    Thanks Kate for the comprehensive update. It’s encouraging to see all that progress. I just wish we could have taken advantage of public support for CUs in the US, but the self destructive crowd still controls the movement here. Oh well.

  • NCNC

    Ah! Jason. You never fail to disappoint.

    Could you please just admit your misogyny and get it over with? It’s pretty clear you hate us icky, cootie-laden girls.

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