Priest “Joked About How Hard It Was To Have Sex With Three Boys In One Week”

We all have that bed-hopping gay friend who’s joked, “It’s hard being this slutty!” And all their boos are like, “LOL, don’t get an STD gurrrl.”

Well, today that “friend” is a Catholic priest who “joked” about the pains of molesting three young boys over the course of seven short days.

Writes the AP:

In the day’s most startling testimony, a detective read internal church memos about a priest who allegedly “joked about how hard it was to have sex with three boys in one week.” His accuser also stated that the priest had a “rotation process” of boys spending time sleeping with him.

So this disgusting molester was touching boys all week long, including on the Holy Sabbath?

Sadly its not this hardworking pervert on trial, but rather 61-year-old Monsignor William Lynn, accused of hiding the unchristian activity of at least one clergyman and interfering with inquiries by investigators, lawyers and parishioners.


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  • hunnylvr


  • Kristopher

    Rapey? Is that really an adjective now?

  • magicpeen

    this is too hilarious

  • ewwwwww

    I’m glad I’m not Catholic! I’m not sure why people were surprised when the jokes turned out to be true?

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @magicpeen: Hilarious? Really? Children being molested by monsters, I’d classify it a repugnant.

  • RomanHans

    And THAT, folks, is why the Catholic Church wants to shorten the Statute of Limitations for sex crimes to an hour and a half.

  • Curtis

    This is why I spit in the face of every Catholic I meet, (metaphorically speaking).

  • Kurt


  • B

    Queerty’s summary is a bit off. If you follow Queerty’s links, you’ll eventually land on http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/02/14/us-archdiocese-abuse-idUSTRE71D6ZR20110214 which states that this is a civil suit. The complaints include “concealing the identity and sexual abuse of predatory priests from law enforcement to save the church from a costly scandal,” and “implementing ‘programs and procedures that were misrepresented to the public as providing help to victims of childhood sexual abuse by clergy, but were instead maliciously used to develop information to protect the Archdiocese.'”

    One would hope that criminal charges would also be filed against any administrator who tried to cover it up.

  • Skooter McGoo

    How anyone can claim to be Catholic when the Pope himself is party to exactly these molestations and in the Netherlands, castration of raped boys that were thought to be gay, is beyond me? This is your brain on religion folks, any questions? Just say NO!

  • duh

    I’m sorry, can someone explain how this story is relevant to the LGBT community ? I don’t see the connection…

  • Josh in OR

    @duh: It’s relevant since the Catholic Church is one of our biggest adversaries and any time something they do wrong is made public, we should trumpet it, especially when the thing they do is the very thing they WRONGLY accuse us of.

  • Triple S

    Of course, this is not to say that ALL Christians/Catholics are like this, I know quite a few that are nice people who don’t do this shit or hypocritically accuse us of doing this crap. It’s just the clergy. Maybe those vows of chastity are better left behind. All it does is encourage this bullshit.
    That is also not to say that ‘oh, it’s not their fault’, it bloody well is! I think that we should help the situation in any way, and that seems like a helpful amendment.

  • Mark

    @Curtis: I was worried you might be suffering from dry mouth… metaphorically speaking.

  • Bipolar Bear

    This sounds like a bad SNL sketch. I don’t know how many more of these stories I can take before their tax breaks are revoked, and the senior hierarchy (including the Pope) indicted by an international court.

  • the crustybastard

    @Triple S:

    The Catholic faithful continue to make these ongoing outrages possible.

    The Catholic faithful continue to fund and facilitate Catholicism’s ongoing coverup and defense of clergy child molesters, Catholicism’s global war on family planning, and Catholicism’s global persecution of gays.

    “Nice people” don’t accommodate that shit. Catholics do.

  • pedro

    I hope this man and all others are punished to the fullest extent of the law. But please, don’t condemn all Catholics for what these sick people do. I am Catholic and I think these pervs are disgusting and should get theirs…When I read about some priest being murdered by his roomie in prison, I was quite satisfied. I have no problem with these deviants being put into the general population of a major prison and being torn to bits…But again, there are 1 billion Catholics in the world, most of whom are good people just trying to live their faith.

  • Patrick

    And this is one reason why I am no longer catholic. Organized religion is a sick institution.

  • dvlaries

    Money had something to do with the decision, but one area where I pay continuous gratitude to my parents is getting me out of Catholic school after 6th grade when I was 12, and before they could damage my mind regarding matters sexual.
    The bottom line of almost any large religion boils down to “Do it our way, because we said so, or burn in Hell.” Every organized religion, just like every government, knows the most cost effective means of keeping people in line is through the inculcation of fear.
    I don’t know if there’s a God or not -and I blame the Catholic church for much of my doubt- but if there is one, I’m convinced He has no more use for organized religion than I do.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I do not go to Church. Church is not for me. They’re too focused on worldly matters. Some authors are talented and I read. Scripture is complex. Rape is equated with murder in God’s eyes. There is no difference between the two. To murder one’s sprit through this kind of violence or to murder one’s flesh are equal in God’s eyes and these people and the people that cover for them will have to answer for it. The energy put out is a permanent record. The only difference between this table and the non-alcoholic beer on it is the energy holding them together. Take away the energy holding these atoms together and they fall to meaningless dust. Our lives and the world, to me, is like a hologram. Just dust held together by energy. The energy still exists, after flesh ceases to encase it. These men, with the harm they’ve caused, will be designated appropriately. I believe this.

  • Rooney

    @duh: Religionists hating on lgbt (consenting adults) while being a-okay with raping, abusing and murdering defenseless children makes it relevant. Exposing them for the evil they do is always relevant.

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