Priest “Joked About How Hard It Was To Have Sex With Three Boys In One Week”

We all have that bed-hopping gay friend who’s joked, “It’s hard being this slutty!” And all their boos are like, “LOL, don’t get an STD gurrrl.”

Well, today that “friend” is a Catholic priest who “joked” about the pains of molesting three young boys over the course of seven short days.

Writes the AP:

In the day’s most startling testimony, a detective read internal church memos about a priest who allegedly “joked about how hard it was to have sex with three boys in one week.” His accuser also stated that the priest had a “rotation process” of boys spending time sleeping with him.

So this disgusting molester was touching boys all week long, including on the Holy Sabbath?

Sadly its not this hardworking pervert on trial, but rather 61-year-old Monsignor William Lynn, accused of hiding the unchristian activity of at least one clergyman and interfering with inquiries by investigators, lawyers and parishioners.