Horrible gays

Rapper Le1f shares disgustingly racist Grindr screenshots

A recent episode of MTV’s Decoded did an admirable job breaking down how sexual “preferences” based on race are, well, racist.

But the problems men of color face on dating apps go so far beyond “not into _____.”

Rapper Le1f has put one particularly repulsive Grindr user on blast after an unprovoked dose of hate greeted him in his messages.

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And the icing on the ugh cake is that the man initially hit him up to chat and potentially flirt.

Le1f didn’t respond to the message. Anyone who’s used a dating app knows how common it is for messages to go unanswered.

But that was apparently enough to induce a racist temper tantrum.

Here’s what Le1f shared, along with a photo from the man’s profile (not pictured here because the post was later removed, but in case you’re wondering, he’s white):