‘Real’ Journalists Unwilling to Confront Sacha Baron Cohen on Bruno‘s Homophobia


Since no (ahem) media (ahem) outlet (ahem) is willing to engage Sacha Baron Cohen as Sacha Baron Cohen — and instead volunteers to take part, gratis, in the marketing phenom known as Bruno — it’s hard to get a real answer out of the comedian about how he thinks the movie portrays homophobia: hysterical, or wretched? Which means we have only the character Bruno to ask. And bless his soul, “journalist” Matt Lauer was there to get the answers! (Cue to 4:35)

Though we’re not inclined to reprint press releases — because generally they are garbage — we’ll include this updated release from GLAAD, since we reported about what Gay Inc. was saying about the film. Let’s just put it this way: After seeing the film, GLAAD ain’t having it.

(NB: As we’ve noted previously, gay rights organizations are inclined to hate this film, while gay media — and media in general — tend to support it. Also not fighting the movie anymore? That “Bingo assault” plaintiff, who dropped her assault claims against Cohen and Universal Pictures, but still claims emotional distress.)

Here’s a glimpse:

The movie repeatedly builds entire scenes around stock stereotypes and situations that make gay people and families the butt of crude jokes. I can’t help but think of all the teenage kids already getting bullied, beat up and ridiculed for being–or for being thought to be–gay.. For these kids, this movie will give their tormentors one more word in the anti-gay lexicon of slurs: Bruno.

Instead of challenging stereotypes, it reinforces them for many of the those who voted to take away the freedom to marry from loving, committed gay and lesbian couples in California.

It’s now Saturday. Which means thousands and thousands of our readers were able to catch Bruno during last night’s official opening. It’s time to tell us: Homophobic, or hilarious?