Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, But Rep. John Boehner Weeps Through Masculine Stereotypes

For all the effort being expelled speculating over whether Oprah faked her tears when Barabra Walters asked about her non-lesbian relationship with Gayle King, I would like a Wikileaks investigation into whether incoming House speaker John Boehner manufactured these tears on 60 Minutes last night.

We’re about to see a sea change, then, at the top of House leadership. While outgoing speaker Nancy Pelosi treated the business of lawmaking as an impersonal matter that required little emotion, let alone the raising of voices, Boehner is going to require tissues galore.

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    Dunno, guys last name is pronounced “boner” and he crys like a girl…….

    Wouldn’t a rightwing asshole say that was kinda Gay???? :p

  • robert in nyc

    The guy in that video doesn’t even look like orange face Boehner!

  • Rock in Sunny FL

    His name is pronounced “bayner.”

    I watched this entire interview, including the short discussion with his wife.

    Strange couple. She seems to be very mannish and he seems somewhat feminine. She never relocated to Washington and he’s been living there (alone????) for 20+ years.

    My gaydar was sounding like crazy. Was this guy featured in the film ‘Outrage?’ Anyone else get the same impression and wonder if he might be on the down-low?

  • pete

    I saw the interview. I don’t get any sense at all that he’s closeted or gay. He just comes across as a dogmatic inflexible conservative. It’s also clear from his face that he’s a smoker and a drinker. At any rate, I can’t stand him.

  • Rick Gold

    TAN = GAY.

  • robert in nyc

    Rock in Sunny FL….I too get some gay vibes, always have. He happens to be one of the biggest loudmouths when it comes to railing against LGBT rights. Most of those types often turn out to be leading a double life on the down-low. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s any dirt on him coming out from somewhere. Either way he’s despicable and a hate monger.

  • Michael W.

    He seems like he has a tiny dick. He’s dripping with insecurity.

  • LezGetStupid

    Real men don’t cry. Well, unless they’re authentic.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    I miss Nancy already.

  • Scott

    There’s something wrong with this guy. A couple months ago there was video of him giving a talk to some organization and he was almost incoherent and unconscious. This is the caliber of person who was elected to be a leader of the nation? I agree with #4 Pete. He either drinks too much or is using drugs. The number of times he’s cried in front of cameras makes me suspect he’s depressed.

  • PatrickB

    When conservatives cry, it’s American. When liberals cry, it’s weakness.

    Left-wing media, my left *ss.

  • tjr101

    America got rid of Nancy Pelosi for this douche? Speaks volumes about our nation.

  • Chuck

    Boner cries, America dies.

  • robert in nyc

    He clearly has some emotional issues and conflicts that he’s never acknowledged or addressed. Some therapy might come in useful. The man is too unstable to be speaker of the house, or weeper of the house as some are saying. Notice he cries when its all bout him. Oddly, he comes from a humble background, both parents were Democrats and yet he thinks giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people and not extending unemployment insurance isn’t immoral. The man has NO empathy for the poor or the middle class who are in dire financial straits. Classic republican mindset! Self-serving, greedy and indifferent to those less fortunate.

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