Indie darling

These very real sex scenes from indy film “Jesús” will have you screaming the Lord’s name in vain

The critically-acclaimed indie thriller Jesús just became available on Google Play and Amazon Video. It tells the gritty coming-of-age tale of a bisexual teenager from Santiago who joins a street gang. But it’s the graphic sex scenes that have everyone talking.

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At the very beginning of the movie, Jesús (played by Nicolás Durán) receives an unsimulated blowie from a woman. Later in the film, he gets all kinds of down and dirty with a fellow gang member, played by Sebastián Ayala.

The two actors bare every inch of themselves while engaging in some very unsimulated, insanely passionate on-screen lovemaking that blurs the lines between indie film and gay porn.

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We can’t show you the very, very NSFW scenes on our site, but you can head HERE to see the goods.

Still around? Check out the trailer for Jesús below.