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Red Sox release self-described homophobic and racist baseball player


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The Boston Red Sox released minor league prospect Brett Netzer on Sunday after the 25-year-old tweeted a series of homophobic, transphobic, racist and anti-Semitic statements, including some directed at Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom, who is Jewish.

The news was first reported on Twitter by journalist Chad Jennings, who covers the Red Sox for The Athletic. Netzer responded to the tweet with, “interesting.”

Netzer said Bloom “went to hebrew school and studied the torah growing up but sold his soul to the sodom and race groups,” called him a fraud and questioning if he was actually Jewish.

He also criticized Bloom’s support for Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community, and claimed “jews that follow the torah are against the lgbtq community.”

When called out for his racism, Netzer copped to it, tweeting, in part, “i am a racist.”

Later, Netzer argued that, in his opinion, “racism isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” He also self-described as a homophobe, but denied he’s anti-Semitic.

In another tweet, Netzer compared transgender people to rapists.

Ironically, he began his tirade by saying “the real ones stay silent…like silent silent.” If only he considered himself a real one…

Instead, he started letting his truest and dumbest thoughts out for public consumption, and the end results were as ugly as his batting stats.

Netzer was placed on the restricted list for the 2021 season for undisclosed reasons, which, combined with the 2020 season’s cancellation due to the pandemic, means the last time he took to the field was in 2019, playing for the Portland Sea Dogs.

He will not be missed.

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