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Reddit Users Have Had Enough Teen Prison Camp Abuse, Ready to Shut them Down

“On May 10th of 2007 at around 2:30 in the morning two strangers barged into my bedroom.” And so begins one young lesbian’s tale of being sent to Cross Creek, a “specialty program” for kids who just need a little brainwashing.

She goes on:

The queer shaming was present in nearly every aspect of the program, including the language used. We were not allowed to use curse words such as “shit”, or “bitch”, but I never saw anyone reprimanded for saying “fag” or “faggot.” This fostered an environment in which teasing and bullying for all sorts of things were fully tolerated. I even remember a facilitator in a seminar trying to trigger a girl by calling her a “dyke.” And no, before you say something, I really don’t care about breaking confidentiality of seminars at this point because I am fed up.

Go read the whole thing and get ready to cry. And then get ready to take action: another Reddit thread asks, “Are you horrified these facilities are abusing kids? Good. Let’s talk about ways to close them.”

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