Rep. John Murtha Dead at 77

Rep. John Murtha, the 19-term earmark-happy Pennsylvania Democrat and Vietnam War veteran who criticized the invasion of Iraq, and who consistently voted for ENDA and against 2006’s constitutional gay marriage amendment, died today from complications involving gallbladder surgery. He was 77.

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  • Same Crap

    He was also one corrupt SOB, but brought pork into his district better than anyone one else.

  • San Francisco Treat

    Can you wait at least a day before using slurs against the man? He was an ally and a powerful one at that.

  • JAW

    I wish that my Rep. ate as much Pork as Rep Murtha did ( I think my Rep is vegan). He knew the system, and he knew how to work it… More power to him.
    I hope that his replacement is as friendly to us.

  • James Davis

    @San Francisco Treat: 1. He was the pork king, waiting a day doesn’t change that. 2. He was also an ally to the LGBT community.

    Just because a person has died doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be honest about them. Praise him for his help in the LGBT community, but also acknowledge his failures.

  • Brian Miller

    He was pro DOMA. That makes him as consistent a friend of LGBT americans as Bob Barr.

  • Lukas P.

    He may not have always been on our side, but wasn’t it better to have him as a partial ally than a complete foe? Compared to some of his generational cohorts, he was semi “enlightened.”

    So Eastcoasters and politics mavens: Question: What happens next? Who replaces him, how and when?

  • tjr101

    @Lukas P.: Lets hope the good people of Pennsylvania send as someone at least as friendly as Murtha was and not another Rick Santorum.

  • V

    Utterly corrupt.

  • ousslander

    Did he ever apologize to those marines after he accussed of murder/war crimes then it turned out the allegations were false?

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