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  • Same Crap

    He was also one corrupt SOB, but brought pork into his district better than anyone one else.

  • San Francisco Treat

    Can you wait at least a day before using slurs against the man? He was an ally and a powerful one at that.

  • JAW

    I wish that my Rep. ate as much Pork as Rep Murtha did ( I think my Rep is vegan). He knew the system, and he knew how to work it… More power to him.
    I hope that his replacement is as friendly to us.

  • James Davis

    @San Francisco Treat: 1. He was the pork king, waiting a day doesn’t change that. 2. He was also an ally to the LGBT community.

    Just because a person has died doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be honest about them. Praise him for his help in the LGBT community, but also acknowledge his failures.

  • Brian Miller

    He was pro DOMA. That makes him as consistent a friend of LGBT americans as Bob Barr.

  • Lukas P.

    He may not have always been on our side, but wasn’t it better to have him as a partial ally than a complete foe? Compared to some of his generational cohorts, he was semi “enlightened.”

    So Eastcoasters and politics mavens: Question: What happens next? Who replaces him, how and when?

  • tjr101

    @Lukas P.: Lets hope the good people of Pennsylvania send as someone at least as friendly as Murtha was and not another Rick Santorum.

  • V

    Utterly corrupt.

  • ousslander

    Did he ever apologize to those marines after he accussed of murder/war crimes then it turned out the allegations were false?

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